Saturday Shorts


*I slept so hard this weekend.  Probably a good 20 hours overall because I was just that tired.  The new commute I have I’m sure is adding to it, but it’s mostly just the exhaustion of the new position, trying to settle in, random last minute changes, reworking a lot of things that I wasn’t expecting, meetings with parents, etc, etc, etc.  I think I’ve lost about 5 pounds in the past week just from constant movement.

*With my new crazy schedule I’m trying to find a new routine and work/life balance because my new position could easily take over every aspect of my life and that’s now how I operate.  It’s going to take some time, but I need to be able to think about having me time or free time without having the “OMG but I have so much work to do!” thought like I’ve had the past couple of weeks.

*Devon finally goes back to work tomorrow.  He seems ready and he says he’s ready.  He’s back in 7th grade this year but has co-taught (like I’ve mentioned previously) so he has a weird transition there.  His principal also just asked him to lead the PBIS Committee this year (that he’s served on the past four years), so there will be some extra responsibilities there.  If you know Devon, you know while he’s capable, he’s not the one to ever volunteer to lead things; so when his principal called and asked the other day his initial reaction was (after he said he’d think about it and hung up, that is) “I’m sure I can do it…but do I really want to….eh…..”.  I think he’d be great at it, plus it would look really good for a high school position he wants to acquire in a couple of years.  His district is building a brand new high school in the area we want to move to and he would LOVE to get into that science department as it’s opening .  So, I reminded him of that and I think it pushed him, still somewhat begrudgingly, to the accepting of the new role.

*We went to Sam’s Club yesterday to do our annual Back to School stock ups, which was stupid because everyone else was doing the same thing.  That place was so crowded and chaotic, you could barely hear the person talking next to you.  I actually wound up forgetting two of the things that I went in there for, which is annoying but I did find these Spicy Pepper Jack Laughing Cow wedges, which I never were a thing, there.  And it was like $5 for three big wheels of it, so yeah…I bought two.  My love of pepper jack knows no bounds.

*Also, since cheese makes me think of crackers, if you’ve never tried Ranch Wheat Thins before…’re missing out.  I picked up a box at Target a couple weeks ago when the had a 40% off cartwheel and I have an addiction to them now.  And yes, I know these aren’t the “best” option for my lower carb life, but it is whole grain wheat flour which is better than white…and they’re delicious, so live with it.  I grabbed a box yesterday at Wegmans for home and one for work.  Now they just need to make those small snack size bags so that I don’t have to randomly walk around my school with a box of Wheat Thins in my hand….I mean I will…but….snack sizes would be easier.

Alright….let me finish getting some work done and stuff done around the house so we can start a new week tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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