Saturday Shorts


*I have off tomorrow.  And I’m so excited.  I’m fairly certain that my school knows Columbus Day is probably the most bogus day ever, but I think they were just going for another day off.  Literally almost every other school everywhere is in session tomorrow.  I’m not mad about, it though.  #threedayweekendftw

*I’m currently on an antibiotic for my stomach.  I saw my new GI doctor on Wednesday (who is so unnaturally nice) and he wanted to try this route before doing anything more “drastic”.  I’ve been curious about the bacteria levels in my stomach and if there is any overgrowth of bad stuff, this stuff should kill it pretty easily.  I have to take it three times a day for the next two weeks and the pills are huge; so I’m basically gagging it down since I can’t crush them.  He did let me know that it could make me feel a little worse before better, which has been the case most of the weekend.  Hopefully, it starts to make me feel better soon.  If this doesn’t work, he wants to do an endoscopy to check and see what is going on down there, which I’m not looking forward to.

*My wedding dress is ready for pickup!! I can’t believe it’s already here.  Since I’m off tomorrow, I’m going to go pick it up.  I may need to buy a better garment bag depending on what they have it in.  Since I don’t need it for quite awhile, I’m going to have to store it somewhere here in the house and I want to make sure Devon doesn’t try to sneak a peek at it.  He knows it’s coming and he knows I’ll kick him if he tries to look at it.

*Devon told me he feels like this may be his last year at his school.  He’s not big on change, so this is rather monumental for him to be willing to go somewhere new.  He said he feels like he’s done as much as he can here and he wants to go to another school that is a bit more rigorous academically and not so rigorous in fighting.  He’s already broken up five fights this year and I think that coupled with all the other challenges there this year, it’s exhausting him.  He wants to stay with the district he’s employed with but change schools.  He was going to in a couple years when this new high school they’re building opens anyway, but he’d rather put in a couple years at a different school before that opens, as opposed to spending a couple more “miserable” years at his current one.  I respect it; he’s fighting against about 5 brick walls this year, so I get wanting to try something new.  It’s just surprising for him, since he’s all about familiarity and what’s comfortable.

*I’m trying out a new pork chop random concoction for dinner tonight.  I’ve kind of been obsessed with stuffed pork chops lately and I’m stuffing these with pesto and cheese, which just sounds delicious to me, but we’ll have to see how they turn out.  If they’re good, you’ll see them here eventually.

*Devon’s mom just came back from Canada.  Apparently, she’s brought us some random Canadian snacks that she thinks we would like.  I don’t know what they are, but I’m intrigued to see them when we go visit.

*Finally and most excitedly…..WE FOUND A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! I know, finally, right?  She did the wedding of one of my co-workers (well, actually two since they married each other) and the photos were gorgeous and she’s not super expensive.  Like when I told Devon the price, he’s like, can we book her right now?  She lives in VA but even with the price of her traveling fee to here, it’s so much less than what most photographers charge for a day.  We’re signing the contract with her next weekend and could not be happier to have that checked off.  So, really, most of the big things are booked; Devon just needs a tux and the bridal party needs their stuff, and we need rings, and we’re pretty well off.  Not too bad for 8 months out.

*Since I’m sitting here with wet hair, I should probably go ahead and dry it.  I did get a new blow dryer (that you saw if you follow me on Instagram) recently, kind of randomly since my old one “blew up”.  It’s super inexpensive, but had made my hair feel so soft and smooth in a way that hasn’t happened in a long time.  I’ll talk more about it on the blog soon so you can all check it out, too.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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