Saturday Shorts


*I spent most of my morning cleaning, which is fine, it was a couple of things I’d been putting off (read: been too lazy to do) for a bit and I just got tired of looking at.  What I would love, however, is someone to come out and do a nice deep clean of our apartment (just once, it doesn’t need to be a regular thing). I mean, it’s clean, but you know that like “just moved in” kind of clean?  I don’t have the time or patience for that, so I would be more than willing to pay someone to come in for a day and just do it.  And it doesn’t even need to be like deep cleaning every nook and cranny of the whole place; maybe just a deep clean of the bathroom and kitchen, a thorough mopping of floors, wipe down the baseboards….and…that’s really it.  If anyone has any recommendations around the Baltimore/DC area, leave me a comment or shoot me an email; I’m open to suggestions.

*One of our teachers at school has cancer and it’s progressing, which is obviously what no one wanted, especially since she has two small children at home.  So, we’re all taking turns making her and her family dinner three nights a week.  I offered to bring her dinner tomorrow night and made her family chicken parm since she said they love Italian food.  I signed up for a few other times as well.  She’s out on medical leave for the rest of the year and it’s just heartbreaking.  She’s only a couple years older than me.

*That’s a really hard short to follow-up from.

*I have an insanely busy week coming up.  We’re right in the middle of course registration, so counselors have to clear the sophomores to register (all grades see different people to clear them).  Luckily they’re the only class we HAVE to see, but it’s still taking a huge chunk out of the time we need to see other people for other reasons.  Plus, I’m taking Tuesday off because I need to go see my dermatologist (which as you know is ass far away from me all the way in Northern Baltimore) since my skin is deciding to rebel a bit and break out and not make me happy.  While I’m there I’ll go to my hair dresser since she’s nearby and get a color touch-up and trim.

*On the subject of my hair OMGITSSOLONG! (I want it long for the wedding, so I haven’t actually cut it since like…July, I’ve only gotten it trimmed.)  I know for most people it’s probably not that long, but I’ve kept it pretty much collarbone length for the past couple years, so now that it’s like mid-back, I’m like “Wtf do I do with this?!” Because I’d kept it shorter, it’s only very lightly layered but when I go on Tuesday, she’s going to have to do some major layering.  It’s so heavy and falls so easily now, even with volumizer in, so we need to fix something.  I also want her to try and curl it just to see how a curl holds, since I’m not one who curls their hair much.  Curls will probably look really weird on me.

*I sent my wedding ring to be resized and it should be back tomorrow, so I’m very excited about that.  I’ve had a slight bit of anxiety about it being sent away, so I’ll be very happy when it’s back here safely tucked away.  We found a nice, secure spot to keep mine and Devon’s rings so that we don’t lose them and so they don’t get bothered by random things.  Here’s also hoping that it is truly a perfect fit when I try it on tomorrow night!

*I’m not mentally ready for tomorrow to be Monday.  I know I’m off on Tuesday, which is probably not helping matters.  But there is so much to do and take care of, so it’s a little overwhelming.  At least the weekend is only five days away again.  Hey…I’m trying to be a little optimistic here….

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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