Saturday Shorts


*MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY!!! YAY!! I actually have to work for part of it, which is weird…and annoying, but it is what it is.

*This is my last “official” week of summer because Faculty Professional Development starts the week after.  This is pretty much how this time of the year always goes for me; my birthday hits and as soon as it’s over, it’s back to work. So, it’s like my birthday is my last little hurrah before real life resumes.  Part of me is looking forward to having the routine back again and the other part is just like “work….eh…..”.

*This time of the year also puts me full into fall mode.  The heat is oppressive at this point and I hate it.  I want cooler temperatures that I can actually breathe in as opposed to stepping out of my car and feeling like I’m living in a plastic bag. I’m ready for scarves and jackets and not needing the AC to be on super high at night.  I’m due for a hair appointment on Thursday and plan on taking it a bit darker to help bring fall in (I know it won’t work…because….Maryland, but I at least want the mentality).  I’m just hoping we’re not seeing the 90’s through September, I’ll be really unhappy.

*I only have to be at work for a little bit tomorrow, so I’m going to head to Ikea when I’m done which is insanely exciting for me.  I want to pick up a couple of things for school (like I want another small rug in my office) and a couple of things for home.  I’m sure it’ll probably take me around 4 hours to do it all….not that I’m complaining.

*How many times is listening to the same song on repeat too many?  I can literally listen to the same song about 50 times before I change it.  And it’s not like I listen to all the “hot and trendy” music or anything.  Some of this is music I’ve listened to for decades, at this point.  Right now I have like four songs on shuffle that I’ve been listening to for the past hour.

*Devon is cooking this weekend.  He’s actually taken over quite a bit of the household stuff since I’ve been working a bit more the past couple of weeks.  He’s not half bad at this cleaning thing.  He does have some sort of personal vendetta against our vacuum cleaner, though (but in fairness I currently hate our vacuum too, we need a new one). But he’s been great at keeping the kitchen clean, dishes done, the bathroom clean, laundry, etc.  He’s a regular little house husband these days.  I’m not mad about it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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