Saturday Shorts


*Three day weekends are the best things ever.

*I’m in the middle of a little site update. I haven’t really changed anything in a couple of years and I want to give a more user-friendly and sleeker update.  So if things look a bit different, that’s why.  I now have tabs at the top with my most popular post categories, so you can search through posts a bit easier that way and you can still search on the side as always.  My site logo is also getting an update, but that’s taking a bit longer.  My original top menus (like my “Shop my Instagram” page) moved all the way to the top for easier access.

*I’m planning a Trader Joes and Whole Foods trip tomorrow.  Both are stores near me, but I also kind of don’t like the stores near me.  They’re both kind of small and cramped and have a tendency to not carry as much as others do.  So, I have to get my oil changed and routine stuff done to my car tomorrow anyway, so I figured I’ll go to both of those stores near my dealership which are both bigger (and more fun to shop in).  Since I only go to each of these stores like one a month or so, I’ll go and stock up on some things I’ve loved recently until I have time to go again. Like I’ve heard really good things about this Gluten-Free Norweigan Crisp Bread from Trader Joe’s that I feel I have to try:


*The Man in the High Castle AND Doctor Who are back this weekend, which is just adding to my joy of a three-day weekend.

*I do have work that I need to get done, which is kind of annoying me a little, but that will likely get done later once I’ve done some of the stuff I need to do around my house.

*Eventually I’ll stop complaining about the heatwave in the mid-atlantic…but when I see that it’s 40-50 degrees in Texas, and we’re still rocking 70’s-80….I’m gonna get kind of annoyed.  I keep seeing that “cool air is coming”….but from where?  Is it on a slow moving ship, is it walking here?  HOOOOOOWWWW?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 

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