Saturday Shorts


*I realized yesterday that I didn’t do a Casual Friday this week.  I was actually casual-ish, as it was Spirit Week for Homecoming, so I was all decked out in purple and white.  I’m actually having Casual Friday every Friday for the rest of the year (save for one) thanks to the holiday.  I’m pretty damn excited.

*I am also really excited for Thanksgiving break.  Partially because:


And since we’ve decided to stay home and not go to our family’s, it’s it means five days of staying home and avoiding ALL the people.  For our happy little-introverted selves, it’s pretty amazing.     No getting dressed, no dealing with crowds, no traffic; it just sounds awesome.

*Since we are going to get an extended time at home; it seems like a good time to get some things done that I just don’t have time for any other week.  I mean; there will be plenty of relaxing and wine drinking, don’t get me wrong, this is still a vacation.  But I have some things to do around the house and some new recipes I want to try out.  I’ve been saying I want to try out some gluten-free baked things but have never had the time, so now…I will have time.  Me being me, of course I made a list:



*I’m getting my hair done on Friday and it needs it badly.  Especially with the whole loss thing and me trying to be creative with it, the ends are kind of fried and need to be cut off.  Color is getting re-done, a little bit of a glazing for some shine, new layers.  I haven’t had my hair cut or colored since August so it really needs it.

*Pinterest and I seem to be BFFs again.  I’ve gone through phases with it in the past couple of years and I’m currently back in the “pin all the things” mode.  It’s giving me a lot of ideas of things I need to try out.  Plus, I kind of need to try gluten-free versions of my classics that I haven’t gotten to anyway.  So….yeah.

*I’m making my Black Friday game plan.  We need to replace a couple of things here in our house and it’s usually the day I do a lot of my Christmas shopping.  I need to figure out what to get people though, I’m kind of out of ideas for most people I shop for.

*I see snow in the forecast for Thursday.  I’m kind of excited.  I mean it won’t really do anything accumulating and while I kind of hate snow, I’m also kind of okay at the thought of like a 2-hour delay or something like that.  It’d be nice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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