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*It’s snowing!  But it’s Sunday so no one is ready to make decisions about having school tomorrow, so……here we are.  I just hope that they make decisions tonight so I don’t have to wake up at 5am tomorrow if it isn’t necessary.

*We helped a friend move yesterday and I’m pretty sure Devon got a cold as a result.  He’s been sniffly all day.  It was pretty damn cold and we were outside for a solid three hours.  Of course, he is claiming he isn’t getting a cold but he doesn’t sniffle every three seconds for no reason.  #men.

*I’m being all kinds of extra lazy today.  I’m claiming it’s because of all of the moving and physical activity that I did yesterday.  Which really might be part of it.  The other part might just be because it’s snowy and I don’t feel like doing anything.  Who knows.

*We contacted a couple of realtors and are seeing which person we think will work best for us.  There’s a house that has been on the market for what seems like forever that is right in our price range and almost perfect (meaning, it’s only missing the basement on our wish list).  It was actually purchased a month or two ago and then the buyers financing fell through, so it’s just been sitting on the market since then.  I’m thinking anything specific, but I do keep randomly looking at it….wistfully….I dunno, we’ll see.

*I feel like there is a lot of change that is about to start happening.  Some of it is making me anxious, but some of it I feel really good about it.  I know that’s super vague, sorry, but not ready to put all of it out into the universe yet.  We’ll see what happens.  And no, I don’t think I’m pregnant.

I hope everyone is enjoying their snowy weekend! 

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