Faux Leather Driving Moccasins
Saturday Shorts


*I need yoga pant recommendations.  I’ve worn these Aerie yoga pants forever, but it seems like they aren’t making them anymore, which is kind of crushing my soul because they are so comfortable and soft and just everything I want in a yoga pant.  Since their stock has been dwindling for a couple of months and they don’t seem to be re-stocking, I guess I need to find options.  If you have a pair of yoga pants you love, feel free to leave them in the comments or send me a message.  I’ll probably be over here trying all the things for the next few weeks.

Faux Leather Driving Moccasins

*I got my Old Navy order that I placed about a week or so ago.  While a few things will be returned, these driving moccasins are EVERYTHING.  They have a cushioned insole, so when you walk, it’s like walking on memory foam.  Granted I’ve only worn them once so far, but I promise I will be wearing them often and for around $20, they are a steal.  They have a bunch of colors, as you can see I just got the black and cognac ones, but it’s easy to pair them with everything and I do find that they run true to size for me.

*I went to put the Old Navy items away that I’m keeping along with laundry, and I’m realizing that like half of my closet/wardrobe is currently Old Navy. Mind you I’m not complaining, just noting. So, ya know, if anyone from Old Navy is reading this and wants to collaborate, you’re welcome to get in touch.  Clearly, I appreciate your wares.

*Lately I’m becoming obsessed with Tarte cosmetics.  I got a small sample size of one of their blushes forever ago and used it here and there but mostly it hung out in my makeup bag.  Recently, I tried their Shape Tape concealer and I absolutely love it.  If you’ve been around awhile, you know I’ve been on the hunt for YEARS for products to help my hereditary dark circles and puffiness and I think I’ve found a concoction that works for me (which is a different story for another day) and this concealer is also amazing.  Since I started loving this, I pulled the blush out that I have (I have it in the shade Peaceful) and it is the only blush I’ve ever worn that stays on all day.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Peaceful

Most other blushes will be gone by midday, this is still on when I go to bed at night.  I’m probably never using another blush again.  I also a have a friend letting me try her shape tape foundation, so we’ll see how that works.

*I feel like I just need to go to Ulta and buy all the things.  It’s a dangerous mood to be in, so we’re going to need to avoid that place for a while.

*Devon and I have a home buying seminar that we’re going to on Tuesday night after work.  Luckily it’s only like an hour, but I feel like I’m going to be sleepy.

*Devon’s Mom’s (aka my mother-in-law, which still sounds weird which is why I still call her Devon’s Mom) birthday is next Saturday.  There are a couple of wedding photos of ours that she loved, so we had them framed for her for her birthday.  Not sure what else we’re doing with her yet, but that’s next weekend.

I hope you all are having a good weekend!

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