Saturday Shorts


*You know that moment when you keep forgetting you’re on a three day weekend? So it’s like a present every time you remember? This is essentially been my whole weekend.  It’s so nice.

*Apparently we’re due for snow again on Wednesday.  While I’m still all about snow days, I’m like waist deep in things at work and need to get some stuff done, so I’m kind of okay with not having a snow day, but also okay with having one.

*The best thing happened this weekend.  My beloved Aerie Yoga Pants are back in stock! In ALL sizes and they are 30% off!


I legit bought 5 pairs of them. #noregrets.  They are THAT amazing.  I’ve had pairs for years that are just starting to wear out in unfortunate places, so they are amazing quality.  Not to mention they are some of the most comfortable pants I’ve ever put on my body.  If you want all the comfies, go buy a few pairs now before they go out of stock again.

*I also did a thing.  I applied to be part of the #sephorasquad.  It never hurts to try, amirite?  I’m not necessarily one of the “big-time” bloggers, but everyone starts somewhere, right?  They have a place for testimonials on my behalf.  NO PRESSURE AT ALL, but….if you have a couple of minutes and enjoy my posts (:insert cute smile and cat memes here:) feel free to send a line or two to Sephora on my behalf.  I will make you all the gluten-free cakes you could want…or…well…Devon’ll make them.  #idontbake

*We’re currently re-watching Season four of Game of Thrones, AKA the season where literally everyone dies.  It’s kind of depressing, but there are some hilarious moments.  Like the one we just watched where Tormund pretends to hate his new BFF Jon Snow.  We all know it’s nothing but love there.

*I have a dentist appointment at 9:30 tomorrow morning.  This means I need to set an alarm to wake up, which makes me somewhat sad.  But, Devon and I are going to brunch after. so that makes it a bit better.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! 

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