Saturday Shorts


*Why yes, I am alive.  I promise.

*I was kind of throwing myself a pity party last week.  You know those times where you just feel completely “blah” about all things? That was pretty much my life last week.  I visited my school for the final time the day it closed, which I don’t think really helped things, but it was something I felt like I had to do.  Having the reality of school closing, still in process for another school, hopefully, for next year, and a bunch of other things just really made me kind of down.  So, I had a little pity party for myself and I just went quiet in most areas.  I don’t think I really posted on Instagram either until Friday, I just wasn’t really feeling a lot of human contact.  I can’t say that I’m a ton better, but I’m not in full pity party mode at the moment, so there’s progress.

*One “perk”, I suppose, is that I was able to keep my work laptop, which is nice because I was debating a new one at Christmas since my old one died awhile ago.  Having this laptop makes blogging here easier because, I can sit on the couch and watch TV while blogging.  Normally, if I wanted to do that, I’d do some on my iPad, which really isn’t the best device for typing and editing and whatnot; and while I have my desktop computer in the office, it sometimes makes me feel locked away, so I like having the laptop.  It was still networked into my school’s domain, so it took a little bit to get it all unhooked and set up just for my personal use at home.  But it’s up and running and I can now work on a lot more blogging stuff that I’ve been wanting to get done.

*Speaking of blogging, I might be doing a small re-design here.  Not so much layout/background, but just in terms of navigation.  I’ve been wanting to re-purpose some pages and tabs that aren’t used as frequently and make some of my most popular content easier to get to.  Now that I have my shiny new laptop functioning, I’ll be able to get that done comfortably.

*I have a whole list of blog posts to get written up.  My goal is to get all the photos edited and everything written up this week so they can just be scheduled out for the next few weeks.  This way if I feel the need for another pity party, I won’t leave everyone hanging.

*In other news… birthday is in (almost) exactly one month!  One month from yesterday anyway.  I will be 31 this year.  I have no clue what I want to do and I know Devon’s going to ask eventually, but no clue.  Suggestions are welcomed, so much.

*Also, our anniversary is coming up in about a week and a half.  On July 20th, it will be 4 years that we’ve been together.  That seems crazy to me and in two completely different ways.  It seems weird that it’s only been four years considering we’ve known each other for 13 years at this point and it also seems weird that it’s been 4 years ALREADY.  We’ve been through so much and done so much in four years that it feels like these years have just flown by.  It’s a weird little dichotomy in my head.

Hope everyone had a great week!

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