Saturday Shorts


*The new Popeyes near us finally opened this weekend. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen as much joy on Devon’s face.

*Also I’m fairly certain Devon and I just decided to actually start trying to conceive, in typical us fashion. He made a “Dad” joke and I told him it was a Dad joke, and the worst part was he was really proud of it. So from that he’s all, well if I have the Dad joke material where is my audience? Which led to a “how about we stop the birth control convo….sooooo….that’s happening in the next couple of months. I’ve been on it so long I don’t know if I can just stop it, so time for a chat with my doctor.

*In talking about children, we also realized how many books Devon and I had as a kid that we don’t have anymore and will want for our kids. He and I are both book nerds, so basically we want a whole wall of books in our eventual kid’s room. Like…

Dr. Seuss Books
Berenstein Bears Books
Clifford Big Red Dog
Judy Blume
Little Miss Books

Books were so good when we were kids, man. I think as soon as we find out we’re pregnant we’re going on a book buying spree.

*We saw Avengers….let’s just say we both cried and….leave it at that. I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen it, but it’s definitely worth the three hour view time. 10/10 recommend. Go see it.

*We also watched the memorial for Neil Winters (played by Kristoff St. John who passed away in February) on The Young and the Restless last night that also made me weepy. We knew it was coming since Kristoff passed, but it was still emotional to watch. But, they did a really good job at giving Neil the respect he deserved. There were moments when you weren’t sure if the actors were talking about Neil or Kristoff, which I think is the true testament to the man himself. I also respect that the show producers didn’t even entertain the notion of replacing Kristoff to keep Neil’s character going; I don’t think anyone else could play him as well. Though there is one actor, now, on the show that looks a lot like Kristoff St. John, especially from the side, and it’s weirding me out every time he’s on screen. I’mma need them to recast so I don’t cry every time.

*AND THEN TONIGHT IS GAME OF THRONES! Ya’ll who watch know there’s THE epic battle coming tonight. We’re going to lose almost everyone tonight, as far as I know/am preparing for. WHICH MEANS I’M GOING TO CRY AGAIN!

I’m going to be so emotionally spent by the time I get to work tomorrow…

Enjoy your Sunday!

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