Saturday Shorts


*For summer, Devon and I are trying to curb out eating out life. We ate out a lot during the school year due to extreme exhaustion (and extreme stress on my part) and as convenient it was, it’s not the best thing, for health or finances. So we did a big grocery store trip on Friday and we should be good for the next week or so.

*If you need any new TV recommendations: We started watching “Good Girls” on Netflix (it’s actually an NBC show but Netflix has it in syndication) and…IT. IS. AMAZING! If you need a new comedy, you should watch this. Also, Gabriel Iglesias’s new comedy on Netflix, “Mr. Iglesias” is also awesome. It’s like a cutesy and cheesy kind of comedy that doesn’t really exist anymore (think like 1980’s family comedies, with a current day spin). Plus, he’s a teacher and were suckers for teaching comedies.

*You all know I love me some flare jeans and have been on the hunt to try and replace my beloved Lucky Jeans Sweet N Flare that they haven’t made in a few years and while I’ve found some that are…”okay”, I am so EXCITED to see that Flare jeans are making a huge comeback this fall; at least as far as the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is concerned.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Flare Jeans

SO EXCITED! I love the Nordstrom Anniversary sale anyway because I usually get so much of my fall/winter wardrobe staples in it, but knowing that they’re going to have a good flare jeans section makes my life happy.

*I am fairly certain we never want to buy wine from a liquor store ever again after our winery vacation this past week. The wines direct from vineyards just have so much more flavor and are so much smoother. WE drank our first bottle last night from what we brought home and it was just incredible. I know I have some local followers here, and I’m happy to do a blog post on a couple of our favorite vineyards from our trip. If you’re interested, let me know!

Have a great Sunday!

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