Saturday Shorts


*I swear I don’t know what day it is anymore. I actually just had to look at my phone to see that it was Sunday. It’s like a bizarro-summer vacation over here.

*I’ve had a few people question why we keep using the word “quarantine” on Instagram stories because if we aren’t sick its disrespectful to say it. And we aren’t sick, however, we’re doing a precautionary quarantine (I guess is the best way to put it). Both mine and Devon’s school districts have asked their staff/faculty to preemptively quarantine for the 14 days that schools are closed just in case we’ve come into contact with a student or parent that may have had Coronavirus to help stop the spread of it. So far each of our districts has one staff member testing positive, so we’re heeding the suggestion of our bosses and staying home and away from others.

*The perk of being off is that I finally updated my Poshmark closet.

I’ve had so much stuff in our spare bedroom since we moved in that I haven’t done anything with (which means I clearly don’t miss it) so now that it’s time to purge ALL the things….

*We started watching “Undone” on Amazon Prime. We’re only two episodes in, but I like it. Coming from a screwed up family, I have a tendency to enjoy seeing other messed up families. Plus, Bob Odenkirk is amazing, so watch it.

*My goal of being at home….STUFFED CRUST GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! I feel like it might be horrible, but I’m going to try it anyway. I miss stuffed crust pizza so much. We’ll see, maybe it’ll actually be delicious…

*Life is pretty boring but it’s supposed to be and I’m kind of okay with that.

Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and sane!

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