Saturday Shorts

Shorts: The Weekday Version

*Yeah, I know it isn’t the weekend, but I figure I can get away with it, seeing how bad I’ve been at keeping a regular blog schedule lately.

*My whole schedule and body seems to have been thrown off with summer starting this year. I’m sure some of it is stress-related from school closing and dealing with the hit and run on my car, and going on interviews and trying to regain some order to my house and life, so it’s been a bit insane the past few weeks.



*To add insult to injury, I think we have either a bit of a stomach bug roaming around our house, as well.  Either that or we just both ate something that wholly didn’t agree with us the other night, as we both spent most of yesterday with angry stomachs. Luckily there has been no vomit (where are my other emetophobes – people who fear throwing up- at?) just a bit of nausea and other fun things.  I did, however, wake up in the middle of last night in a weird cold sweat that I usually only get when I’m sick, which is why I think it might have been a little bug moreso than food.  I feel a little better this morning, hopefully it’s a continuing trend.  Devon’s still asleep at the moment, but I didn’t hear him do anything horrible in the middle of the night, so here’s hoping.

*Some of my stomach issues could also be stress-related.  Shocker, right?

*I had two interviews for positions at high schools yesterday and I have another interview today.  Interviews always make me nervous and stressed out, and when I stress is usually when my immune system becomes suppressed and my stomach has issues.  So, who knows, it could be a multitude of things.

*Keep your fingers crossed for me (or whatever you do) for one of the positions I interviewed for yesterday.  It would be absolutely perfect (either of them) for me.  At this point, I’ll take all the good ju-ju I can get.

*In other, unrelated news, Devon finally bought a new car last week.  It’s another reason my schedule has been thrown off, but it’s not a bad thing.  He bought a 2016 Jeep Renegade.  He’s been absolutely in love with the Renegade model for like a year and every time we would see one, he’s like, “I want it”.  So, we went back to the same guy who sold me my car and bought the only Renegade left on the lot.  Our guy told us that these cars have been selling faster than they can get them in, so Devon was lucky to snatch it up as fast as he did.  We see them everywhere, so that’s not super surprising.  And it is a beautiful SUV.  Low miles, so many bells and whistles that he can’t even wrap his head around because he had his 2002 Avalon for so long.  It is super nice.  And of course, he needed the obligatory picture:

devons car


*Now my car, for those wanting an update.  I might, hopefully, finally, have it back tomorrow.  The repair shop has already had it over a week.  Why? Because there is $3100 worth of damages to the front end.  I am SO not kidding.  They actually have to replace the bumper because the dents can’t just be fixed without it looking like there are dents in it, that bottom headlamp has to be replaced (obviously, since it was pushed back quite a bit), they have to do electrical work to the headlamps because they don’t function well anymore, they have to replace the tabs on the side panel that broke (which caused it to slide backwards), they also have to buff out the chrome and the paneling where all the scratches are, not to mention the labor costs.  So, yeah, over $3k of damages to a car I’ve had all of three months.  And no, I still don’t know who did it.  IT’s frustrating.  And I miss my car.  The rental I’m in, while not inherently bad, I don’t like it nor do I like driving it. As soon as my car is ready I’m picking it up.  Hopefully early on tomorrow.

*Again, I apologize for lack of consistency lately.  I’m really trying, even if it may not seem like it.  Life has just been more insane than normal lately, so I’m trying to stay afloat without losing my mind (what’s left of it anyway) and also trying to transition into a summer schedule which isn’t easy.  The goal is to have a new blog up on Thursday, as normal, so we’ll see how that goes, but my goal is to get it written tomorrow so it can just go live Thursday morning.  Let’s hope for no more random surprises so that can happen!


Have a great day!


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