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10 Random Things About Me

I always enjoy posts where you get to learn random things about the people you’re reading about. Maybe it’s my nosey nature, not really sure, but either way they’re fun to me.

Plus, I have some new faces hanging around here lately, so I thought it would be fun for all of you to learn some random and possibly weird things about me.

  1. I had every intention to never get married or have kids when I was growing up.

I know EVERYONE says that, but I truly meant it. I saw so much random and horrible crap as a kid as a result of (what I attributed to) getting married and having kids, so I’m like, we’re just not gonna do this, I’m good. Clearly, I did not keep with that. And no, this is not a pregnancy announcement, but I’m sure one will happen eventually.

2. I only eat pre-cut fruit.

Which sounds really weird, random, and SUPER extra of me, but I really only eat it when it’s pre-cut and it’s a weird thing of mine. I mean I’m sure one day I’ll eat it like a normal human being, but at least it’s better than when I didn’t eat it at all.

3. My two celebrity crushes are David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Truth….I mean…

‘Nuff said.

4. McDonalds makes me sick.

Which makes me sad, because Big Mac’s are delicious, but for some reason my stomach can’t handle it anymore. We ate it all the time in college and I was fine. At some point after college, my stomach decided it couldn’t tolerate it anymore, so it’s been a good 10 years since I’ve eaten it.

5. I have an unnatural fear of bugs.

Like most people are a bit skeeved out by them, but I am literally absolutely terrified of them. Like, they will give me an anxiety attack and I will obsess over the fact that one was near me for awhile after it’s already dead. Also, I can’t kill them, I make Devon do it. I cannot describe it in any way shape or form and I know it’s completely irrational, but this is just who I am.

6. I only sleep on extra-firm bed pillows.

Like the super hard ones that most people hate to sleep on. I love them. Anytime I try to sleep on soft pillows, I have the worst time sleeping and usually toss and turn forever.

7. TOMS are my eternal favorite shoe.

So much of a favorite that I actually wore two different colors one day to work.

Obviously it wasn’t like a red shoe and a blue one, but enough to tell a difference. I wear these all the time; I would wear them everyday if humanly possible. They are so comfortable, so versatile and just my all time favorite shoe.

8. I have road rage.

Especially when it comes to sitting in traffic. I can handle most random stupidity that drivers do on a daily basis, but when I’m sitting in traffic, I just get mad. I genuinely don’t know why it upsets me as much as it does. I’m trying to work on it (kinda) but we’ll see if I get better in time.

9. I love my Erin Condren planner.

I don’t think this is necessarily new information if you’ve been around here, but I am very largely obsessed with using it. In fact, I have two of them. One is for work and one is for my personal life. I’m even one of those people who likes to decorate it with stickers and wash tape. It’s just a fun and relaxing activity for me.

10. I’m a “little bit” addicted to Dairy Queen.

It’s really bad. But it’s also really delicious. I don’t live super close to a Dairy Queen at the moment, but we’re moving near one soon which is amazing and likely also pretty damn horrible for me. But I will have all of the ice cream!

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