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2016 Christmas Ornament

My family wasn’t really huge on traditions growing up, so the few we did have, I try to continue.  One of them was that we got a new ornament every year; something that was either symbolic of some event that year or something that we enjoyed.

I think I have about 10 cat ornaments as a result and my brother has about 10 basketball ones.

It’s a tradition I’ve continued with Devon because I think it’s nice to relive some happy moments throughout the holidays. Like Our First Christmas ornament from two years ago. It wasn’t technically our first Christmas but it was our first christmas together in our own home and our way.  Last year’s ornament was a sparkly Tardis because we were both kind of really excited for the Doctor Who Christmas special and since we don’t love the same doctor, I couldn’t get us a David Tennant one (I mean he likes Tennant, but not nearly as much as I do).

For this year, obviously, I had to symbolize our “status change”

You can even see our “First Christmas” ornament in the background!

I loves it.

And did you see that big paper wreath near the bottom? I made that in first grade, it’s managed to survive for almost 25 years, and it goes up every year.  So there is all kinds of history on this tree.

I’m not sure what kind of ornament there will be next year, since we aren’t getting married until 2018. But there will be something, there always is.

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  1. We do ornaments too! I love y’all’s from this year! I got my sister and her fiance an engagement ornament this year that had two hedgehogs on it, since her fiance is a hedgehog nut! Ornaments tell the best stories!

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