Happy New Year!



Merry Christmas to me from Devon!  Isn’t it pretty?!?!?!??!


Don’t get excited.  It’s totes fake, guys.

Teehee Sorry.

He did give it to me on Christmas, though.  I saw the little box and he’s like “don’t get excited”.  I open it…and still apparently got…..twitchy. Devon’s all, “it’s not a real diamond, Steph, calm down for two seconds”.

Apparently this is like “pre-engagement” or something.  He wanted to check the ring size and style/shape/etc.  And apparently based on the reaction I gave, it was a full go on whatever he’s thinking for the real one. It’s beautiful, I would be very happy if the real one looks just like this one. I’m totally still gonna wear this one, too.  Just not on the actual engagement ring hand.

And, apparently there was also an added plan of freaking out the families. Our mutual families have been on us for at least….forever about when we’re getting married, so he wanted to pull a fast one.

We went to my mother’s first and she didn’t even notice the ring for like an hour.  She thought it was something I already had when we finally pointed it out.

Then we went to his Mom’s house.  She noticed it immediately, apparently but she’s very discreet about it.  She asks after a few minutes what Devon got me for Christmas and I told her everything, pretty much, except the ring.  I figured I’d leave that to Devon.  So then she, again, discreetly, brings up a conversation she had with Devon’s grandmother (her mother) about Grandma wondering why we aren’t engaged yet and why she (his Mom) isn’t getting involved and asking, and all that.  (For the record, Devon’s mom pretty much stays out of her sons – both Devon and his brother’s- relationships, she just doesn’t feel its her place to be involved unless one of her boys is getting hurt; which I have always respected her for.) So Devon’s all, “well I did give Steph a ring this morning”, I hold my hand up, and she starts freaking out.  Devon and I start laughing and he tells her that it’s fake, we’re not really engaged yet.  So then she starts smacking him in the head with a dish towel for getting her all excited for no reason.  It was hilarious.

Then we get to his cousin’s house, where the family Christmas is happening……


We’re barely in the house for 5 minutes when his cousin Symone sees my hand and goes “OMG…….” and yells for her sister Sabrina to come and see it.  Sabrina starts jumping up and down and yelling “DEVON AND STEPHANIE ARE ENGAGED”, Grandma starts to pull me in the kitchen for the customary “newly engaged talk”.  It sounds like there is 100 people in that living room where there is like 10 people.  Devon is laughing his ass off, as am I, I’m like you need to tell these people now please.  He tells them and everyone is just like “I hate both of you so much”.  They don’t.

I mean, at the end of the day, the excitement from them as good because they clearly aren’t going to be all….”the hell are you marrying her for?” when we are actually engaged.

I plan on freaking out my coworkers a little when I go back to school, too.

But Christmas was good.  I got a new robe that was much needed, a couple new scarves (yup), new cast iron pans which I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about and a Philosophy fragrance set from Devon’s Mom which is probably one of my favorite things that I got, and some other stuff.

It would have been nicer had it felt like Christmas around here.  Instead it was like 60 degrees and raining.  Not a MD Christmas at all.  But it was still a really nice day.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve/Day!

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