Engagement Wedding

4 Months Until the Wedding!

Technically we hit the four month mark on Saturday, but close enough. We finally have our invitations ordered! Yay!  We actually ordered them on Saturday, too.  We’re pretty simple so we wanted our invitations to be pretty simple, too.  It probably took us about two hours to find a design we liked because so many …

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Saturday Shorts


*I’m feeling a bit of an urge to purge this weekend.  There’s just so much stuff that I can’t do anything with that’s crowding closets and spaces unnecessarily.  I’m mainly focusing on my closet and my pantry.  We’re having a food drive at school and they are getting a crap ton of stuff that I …

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About Me School Counselor Work

School Safety

I don’t put a lot out about political beliefs or ideals here because it’s not really what this space is about. But being an educator, all of these school shootings and school safety as a whole is a big concern for me.  And not just for my safety, for Devon’s safety, for all of my …

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Wedding Registry

So, let’s talk about the wedding registry! Yay! Or….not. Devon and I did our registries over the summer; super early but we knew that if we waited to do it until now or recently, it wasn’t likely to happen.  With the school year in full we just don’t have full days to set out and …

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From The Early Days….

I mentioned on Tuesday that Devon and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day; which is true. We’ve never been the “you must buy flowers and candy” and whatnot just because it’s a certain day of the year.  With the exception of our first Valentine’s Day (which we went “away” for the weekend – which was …

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