A Few Things I’m Finding Funny Lately…


So, if you know me, you know I have an….odd….and varied sense of humor.  I find the most random things funny; pretty much anything has the potential to make me laugh (yes, that includes dark humor; I admit, I love it).  So, I thought I would share a few things I’ve been laughing at/about lately.  Hopefully you get at least a chuckle to brighten up your Tuesday out of some of this.

1/ This just makes me happy more than laugh.  I love Baby Groot, which I think we’ve established.  “I Want You Back” by Jackson 5 played on my Spotify yesterday morning and I just started envisioning Groot dancing to it at the end of the credits from the end of the first Guardian’s movie.  Now, I’m pretty sure I’ll never hear this song and not see it. You’re welcome if you now see it all the time…and if you don’t here’s some more help:


2/ The new Match Game hosted by Alec Baldwin pretty much gives me life every Monday (because we DVR it on Sundays).  And Tituss Burgess is love.  He’s my favorite.  There is no one better.  Probably shouldn’t watch it with children, but a great game show for the adults with a glass of wine.


3/ Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer on SNL is becoming a huge favorite of my life.  And the podium rolling through NYC this past week was even better than I could have anticipated.


4/ John Oliver.  Need I say more?  He’s probably the only person who could get an entire audience to actively listen to a national issue about kidney dialysis for 20 minutes without interruptions or shutting the TV off.  He has this amazing knack at taking serious news stories and making them relevant and approachable for everyone.  Yes, there are some jokes in there that some might find wrong given the nature of the story, but it doesn’t bother me because he never lets it detract from the message he’s trying to put out there.  Also, I’m totally all about him officiating our wedding.  Devon’s on board!  Can you imagine how awesome that would be????


5/ Eddie B is a comedian who started doing a series called “What Teachers Really Say/feel/etc” throughout the school year and it is…hilariously accurate.  It’s essentially what so many educators want to say but won’t for various reasons (like ya know, we could be fired for it).  He’s done about a dozen videos throughout this school year which you can find all on his YouTube Channel.  I am leaving you with one of his latest depciting the last month-ish before school lets out because this is where a lot of us are right now.  If you’re in the same place, just know I feel you and I understand.  It’s almost over, though….summer is coming.

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