Iliza Schlesinger

Devon and I have fallen into a hobbit hole…

It’s the hole known as Netflix.

But not JUST Netflix….all the stand up specials that are on Netflix.  Like every genre, Netflix has a mega shit-ton of stand up comedy specials.  I’m fairly certain there are hundreds of hours of humor in this black hole of a place.

We’ve had discovered and re-discovered so many hilarious comedians and it has made our lives so happy.  Especially with it being back to school time, we need a good laugh on the regular now.


In our perusing (read: binge-watching), Devon came across Iliza Schlesinger’s “Elder Millenial” stand-up special.  Devon knew her from “Last Comic Standing” but I had never heard of her.

Of course, Devon being Devon, he could not let this stand and immediately turned it on because it is mind-boggling that I’ve never heard of her before.

…And I kind of agree with that….because she is HILARIOUS!

She is a bit vulgar in her language, so if that bothers you; you probably won’t like her (you probably also aren’t reading this, so this likely won’t bother you). but you should definitely give her a try if you’ve never seen her before.

She talks a ton about relationships, women’s issues, the state of the world, etc and she does it in a way that doesn’t make you feel morbid about the way society currently is going.

If you’ve seen/heard the #partygoblin meme on Twitter or Instagram; she started all of that.  I don’t want to give it away….but it’s amazing.

If you need a laugh, check out her specials on Netflix and I think there are a couple on YouTube (plus she wears the most amazing wide-legged sailor pants I’ve ever wanted).  I’m going to leave you with the trailer of her latest stand-up here:

What other comedians should we be checking out on Netflix? 


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