American Eagle Impossible Soft Cable Knit Sweater
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #16

I think we’re getting one of our last blows with snow for the year today/this weekend.  Which I’m kind of okay with, but I’ll kind of miss snow days.

Although, I’m missing a snow day today because we didn’t delay or close when we probably should have.

And yes, I know I made a thing recently about not judging school decisions when they do close, but I’m judging them currently for not doing it.  There were a lot of accidents this morning that may have been avoided.  Not my district’s best decision this morning.

But anyway…

Since it’s March 1st and I know for Maryland that (usually) means winter is going to start winding down, I was originally going to do a final Casual Friday with one of my closet staples:

American Eagle Cloudspun Sweater

Y’all already know.

This Cloudspun sweater from American Eagle has been my go-to sweater for all things this season and, at this point, I own it in four colors, because it’s that good.

In fact, I’m wearing the blue one today.


They are completely out of it online, which kind of makes me sad (mostly because I’d easily buy another color), but hopefully they come back with it again for next year.

Since you can’t grab my current sweater anymore, there are a bunch of sweaters currently on sale for half off, so it’s a good time to stock up for next winter.

American Eagle Impossible Soft Cable Knit Sweater

Like this super cozy cable knit sweater.  It’s a good basic piece that you can wear alone or layer when it’s really cold outside.  It’s also half off.  My guesses sizes will start to sell out quickly, so you should grab it while you can! 

Lucky Sweet N Straight Jean

You all know I love my jeans, and I always have a particularly soft spot for Lucky Jeans since they are the maker of my beloved Flare Jeans.  And even though I’m mad at them for not making my Sweet Flares anymore, I do still love the Sweet Straight ones.

Bearpaw Koko Water Resistent Short Snow Boots

Likely also the last installment of snow boots on here until next winter.  Since Maryland does have some snow on the ground, these short boots would be great to trek to the car and help you not fall on any ice that may be laying around. 


Have a great Friday everyone!

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