Casual Friday

Casual Friday #21

I shared this photo of a new peasant-style blouse I got in from American Eagle on my Instastories yesterday and a lot of you went bonkers for it.

Ya know, despite the horrible lighting, all the crap in the background from the renovations happening in that room, the insanely small mirror (because I’ve put a moratorium on buying anything home related until we move in August)….basically real life. So, I appreciate that.

Since it was so well-loved, I made it the forefront of my Casual Friday today for two other reasons. 1. It’s under $20 (actually $15.99 in both colors available) and 2. it’s selling out, so if you want it you should grab it right now.

It’s available in the white that I now own:

AE Floral Lace Blouse Cream

As well as a pretty black version:

AE Floral Lace Blouse Black

I have it in a large, which is my normal size, and it’s still pretty huge on me, but it’s also supposed to be oversized. So, I would either go with your true size or size down one if you want it to be a bit more fitted.

Obviously, just for trying them on yesterday, I had the top on with my signature flare jeans that aren’t made anymore.

But, I also like the though of pairing either of these colors with a pair of white jeans, like these:

AE Artist Flare White Jeans

We know I LIVE for flare jeans, let’s just cut the charade. You an obviously wear skinny jeans, but….give me flare at all times.

They’d also be great with a pair of cutoff or denim shorts if you want to wear this top when it’s warmer out:

AE Denim Tomgirl Shorts

Pair them with a cute pair of sandals

AEO Strappy Sandals with studs brown
AEO Strappy Sandal with studs black

…and you’re ready for summer weather….which is apparently coming to Maryland this weekend..despite it feeling like fall two days ago. But ya know, tis the season; or whatever.

Have a great Friday!

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