Old Navy Floral Print Split Neck Blouse
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #17

Here is to hoping this day is better than yesterday was.

My husband was in a car accident last night.  He’s not injured but his car is a disaster (you can see my instastories for more on that) and he’s off work today to deal with it and I’m leaving early to take him to deal with it since he hasn’t gotten a rental yet.  Also my car battery died amongst the craziness last night; luckily the jump worked but let’s hope it keeps going until my scheduled car service appointment next week.

It’s also the beginning of my spring break when I leave school today, so here’s hoping this isn’t a sign of my break to come because I have way too much to do for a whole lot of craziness.

But, it is Friday and I am not as comfy as I would like to be.  Though I did bring jeans for when I leave because I’m not going to keep my “fancy” clothes on to do all of the things.

Yesterday, however, was a dress down day at school.  We have them at the most random times on the most random days.  I don’t know why we didn’t just have it on a Friday…but…whatever.

Also, I didn’t sleep well last night just in case you couldn’t tell.

But, since we did dress down, I’m just going to share what I actually wore yesterday because it’s a new spring top and I got a ton of compliments on it, it was really cute and comfy and I might actually go grab other colors/patterns of it.

I did keep pretty simple but work appropriate because while I like being comfy, I do have a thing against wearing like athletic apparel or random t-shirts and things when I’m going to work.  I like to still be work appropriate but comfortable, which is what my outfit was yesterday.

Old Navy Floral Print Split Neck Blouse

About a week ago, Old Navy had a sale where the whole store was 40% off and in that sale, I grabbed this amazing floral print top, which is what I wore yesterday.  This top is so soft, so comfortable.  It’s not heavy, but still kind of warm for the cooler day we had yesterday.  It’s perfect for spring.  It’s not on sale today, but since it’s Old Navy, it’ll likely be on sale tomorrow or by next week.  It’s definitely a top to grab if you’re feeling the floral trend. 

Lucky Sweet N Flare Dark Wash Jeans

I wore my ever favorite discontinued Lucky Flare jeans.  These are seriously the best jeans I’vee ever owned and I continue to mourn the fact that they are discontinued.  (Here is a pair of similar Lucky flare jeans.)

Toms Ash Canvas Classic Slip Ons

And since I’m at work, I need a comfy shoe, so I went for my Classic Toms in Ash.  I love these shoes so much.  We technically shouldn’t wear Toms when we’re dressed professionally, though I have sometimes, but I would wear these every day if I could.  


I wore pretty basic jewelry yesterday, which is a trademark of mine and since most of it isn’t available, here are a couple of simple pieces that would compliment since the top is pretty busy.

Pavé Charm Adjustable Necklace GORJANA

Gorjana Pave Charm Necklace (currently 40% off)

Disc & Bar Chain Necklace Set FOREVER 21

Forever 21 Disc & Bar Chain Necklace


ADORNIA Sterling Silver Bar Station Slide Bracelet

Adornia Sterling Silver Bar Bracelet


Hope everyone has a great Friday! 


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