Curly Hair, Don’t Care

First of all, it’s finally February…. January felt like the longest month everrrrrr.  Which part of me is grateful for since we have this big wedding thing to plan for in June but at the same time…..OMGAH……so long.

I “celebrated” January finally ending by getting a little life put back into my hair.  I’ve mentioned I’m growing it out for the wedding, which is fine,  but also annoying.

For the past couple of years, I’ve kept it pretty much either around shoulder-length or to my collarbone and not much longer because I’m pretty low maintenance and don’t have a ton of time to do a lot to my hair in the morning.  Because of the normal length, my hair was pretty much one length.  But, since my hair is almost midway down my back, it was driving me nuts.  No matter what I did or what products I used, my hair just fell flat and lifeless pretty quickly.

When I went to get my color touched up on Tuesday, I asked my hair stylist to layer the hell out of it and it feels so much better!  It actually moves and isn’t just stuck to the top of my head.  It’s so nice.

What I also asked her to do was to curl my hair.  If you know me, you know I’m not the most proficient at hair curling.  Partially because I always feel like curling your hair takes a ton of time and because I’m not the most skilled at actually holding it and not burning the crap out of myself.  Because of all of this, I typically either just blow my hair out or use a flat iron and straighten it.  But since I want my hair at least partially curled for the wedding, I wanted to see if my hair would hold a curl or if it would just fall immediately.

My only condition was I didn’t want a ringlet kind of curl; something kind of bouncy and pretty, but not super tight.  It had been a long time since I’d had my hair curled, so the last thing I wanted was to look like Curly Sue.

And I gotta be honest…

I actually really liked it.  It was really pretty.

curled hair

It gives it some nice body and bulk (and I’m sure the layering helps immensely) and it just looks really soft.

But, unfortunately, it fell pretty quickly.

curly hair

curly hair

Some soft waves stayed for quite awhile, but initial curls dropped in about an hour.  Now, I know curls naturally soften over time, which is fine, but I’d love for it to not just look like waves an hour later.

One thing my stylist suggested was to curl my hair more frequently.  Since it’s typically straight, it naturally wants to fall that way now, so curling it more could help to train the strands/follicles to bend better which would help it to hold a curl.

So, I’ve taken a couple of minutes the past couple of mornings to add a few bends or curls, even just at the ends, to my hair to try and promote curling.  Oddly enough, I do actually own a curling iron…I just haven’t used it…in….awhile.

Apparently me having curled hair is a huge hit at work.  I came back in yesterday with it curled and everyone is like “OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR!”

Well, thanks guys,  :hair flip:

Of course, the curl is still softening severely after like an hour ( I know I’ve only done it like two days…I know).  So, I would love suggestions on if there are good products to use to help hold the curl a bit better.

I use a BabyLiss Pro curling iron, which is actually the same iron my stylist used, and it gives a nice curl, so I don’t think it’s a tool issue.  But I think maybe different products would help.  I still also use my Aquage Uplifting Foam for volume,  which I love, maybe there is some sort of cream or serum that might also help for it to hold its shape?

If any of my hair curling experts have any amazing product suggestions or even tutorials or resources that you can direct me to, I would be extremely appreciative.  I do like it curled and will take a couple of minutes to add a little bend to it, I just want it to last longer than an hour.

Feel free to comment or email me with your tips/suggestions! 

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