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My Go-To Dry Shampoos

I realize that it may seem a bit “extra” to have three dry shampoos in my arsenal, but I would argue that more than one is necessary depending on what you’re planning on doing or how you’re planning on styling your hair after you use the dry shampoo.

If you are someone who typically goes a couple of days or more between hair washings, dry shampoo is probably something you use regularly. I typically go 2-3 days between hair washings, but there are times when I’ll extend it out to 4-5 days.

Since 2-3 days between washings has been normal for me for so long, I don’t typically need dry shampoo between those washings because my hair has gotten used to that. But the times that I extend it to 4-5 days, dry shampoo is pretty much required to make it last that long and have it still be manageable.

If I know I’m on day 3 hair and I’m not going to wash it before styling it the next day, I’ll typically spray dry shampoo on my roots/scalp before I go to bed, put my hair up in a high ponytail and sleep on it that way. That gives the dry shampoo all night to work at absorbing any excess oil and it gives some extra volume at the roots because of the ponytail being so high on your head.

If I’m just waking up and realize that my scalp/roots could use a little pick me up before styling, I’ll usually spray the dry shampoo in my hair and let it sit in there for as long as possible before I style it. The longer it sits, the better it works, in my opinion.

But why do I use so many different brands?

Each of these products feels different and has different benefits in my hair, so depending on how I want to style it afterwards, will depend on which of these I use.

This Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is actually the first dry shampoo product I ever used and is still one I gravitate to regularly. This is GREAT if you’re looking for a dry shampoo to add texture to your hair for up-do’s, messy buns, or other more intricate hairstyles. It leaves a good amount of grit in your hair which can help add volume and texture when you’re looking to put your hair up off your face/neck.

Obviously, that means that you feel this in your hair, so if you are someone who doesn’t like the feeling of product in your hair then you’re probably not going to like this (or really any dry shampoo because almost all of them leave the feeling of product in your hair). It can also leave a bit of a white residue, so it’s definitely a product you want to make sure you massage into your scalp so that they white residue goes away. Since I typically only use this when I’m planning on putting my hair up in a messy bun or something of the like, the residue doesn’t bother me because once my hair is up you aren’t going to see it.

living proof perfect hair day dry shampoo

The Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is basically the cult favorite, probably the one that everyone has heard of the most; everyone loves it. Admittedly, this is also my favorite and most used dry shampoo, too, in fact I use this one so much that I usually have a backup can or two waiting for when I run out of my current can.

This one leaves a little bit of the feeling of product in my hair, but not as much as the Not Your Mother’s does. When I touch my hair, I know that there is dry shampoo in it, but it’s not as heavy as the Not Your Mother’s can be. I use this when I know I need dry shampoo but I don’t know how I’m wearing my hair later that day or the next day. It’s great because I don’t have to commit to a certain hairstyle before using it if I don’t want to and that versatility is why it’s my favorite. It basically makes me feel like I’m dealing with day 2 hair and isn’t day 2 hair everyone’s favorite? (It’s okay if it’s just me.)

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Okay, I know what you all are thinking and hear me out, though!

I know the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo is…pricey and admittedly, if I hadn’t gotten it in a FabFitFun box a few seasons ago I would have never tried it for the price alone. But, it’s really good.

Admittedly, this is my least used dry shampoo because I don’t want to waste it but it’s REALLY good. This is the dry shampoo product I use when I want to wear my hair down/I don’t want to put my hair up. I use this when I’m really trying to fake just washed hair because this will make it look like you just stepped right out of the shower with freshly washed hair.

The best part? There is almost no feeling of it in your hair whatsoever. If you use a lot of it at once you’ll feel a little residue, but if you’re just spraying it at your roots, where you need it, like I do and let it sit for awhile, you’re not going to feel this like you do any other dry shampoo.

This is not good for texture, in my opinion, so if you want a dry shampoo for that, this isn’t for you. This always makes my hair feel soft and freshly conditioned along with clean, so I would never use this and put my hair up, it wouldn’t work; which is fine because I only use this when I want my hair down anyway. I genuinely don’t know what kind of magic this has in it but its amazing and it’s totally worth the investment price if you aren’t using it all the time. I’ve had this can for maybe 6 months and there’s still maybe like 3/4 of it left, so I’ll easily have it for quite awhile longer.

Basically, I love all three of these and probably will continue to keep all three of these in rotation. If I had to pick one to keep forever and ever, it would probably be the Living Proof dry shampoo just because I can do almost any hairstyle with it after I use it and it’s at a relatively good price point.

Thankfully, I don’t have to choose though, so I will continue to happily use all three of them.

What is your favorite dry shampoo?

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