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Erin Condren Sticky Notes

Ugh. Guys. I’m so ashamed of myself.

Or not.

It just seemed like something I should be saying at this point.

Erin Condren’s stuff is cute! I can’t help it!

I bought the sticky notes set for my teacher planner. While I’m a post-it addict and always have tons of post-it’s in my office, if I’m in a meeting (with my planner of course) I won’t have my post-it collection with me. But since this snaps right into the coil of my planner, I’ll always have stickies with me when I need them.

I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it in the front like I have it now, or use it as my bookmark for each week. I feel like I might get annoyed with it as a bookmark. I’ll play with it when school starts and see what works best.

The worst part?

I just ordered a second set for my Rose Gold Life Planner.

I admit, I have a problem. But I’m okay with this problem. The best part is that there are others like me.

Plus, this sticky set is only $10 for 300 stickies/flags. That might sound a lot, but you can get it for free (plus shipping) by going through this link. My link will get you a code for $10 off your order which would make these stickies free. Or you could apply it to a pretty planner.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have stickies to play with.

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