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FabFitFun Fall 2020 Unboxing


Okay, I’m done now. But seriously, you all know, at this point, anything fall-related/themed makes my cooler weather loving heart really happy. So, I was really excited to get my favorite subscription box to see all the fall stuff.

And then, I opened the box…..

And, for the first time in my duration of getting these boxes…I was underwhelmed by it….like a lot.

If you’ve been around here for a minute, you know this is a box I love getting and love almost everything that comes in it. There’s almost always that one, or maybe, two things that come in it that I’m rather ambivalent to each season; but overall it’s always a win.

This season….I didn’t really like anything in there. A couple things I genuinely have no interest in, I question the quality of one of the products in there, and the other stuff is…fine, but not really for me.

“So why bother saying anything, why not just pretend like you didn’t get it?”

And I could easily do that. But I also feel like it’s more honest of me to admit that, even though I genuinely love something and usually have a great experience, that every so often there can be a dud in the mix. I’m also sharing because I feel like others would probably be happy with the selection; it’s just not me.

fabfitfun fall box

So you can see, there’s a nice size tote, Anastasia brow gel, a trendy cuff….

And…pumpkin spice scented things.

Y’all know, while I love fall, I abhor pumpkin spice. And the thought of a pumpkin spice foot care set….is weird to me. I feel like your feet shouldn’t smell like pumpkin spice.

Maybe it’s just me.

And I’m sure someone would appreciate the pumpkin spice room fragrance, but I love when my house smells like apple cider.


The cuff is cute, but not me. Partially because I’m allergic to the gold part and partially just because….it’s too much. I’m very much a dainty jewelry kind of person, so it’s just too much for me. And the tote is smaller than I would have expected it to be and the handles are weirdly….shaped?

I can’t explain it.

In fact the only thing that I’m actually excited about is the Hyaluronic Acid from Grace & Stella. I was skeptical of hyaluronic acid at first because I figured that my skin didn’t need extra hydration, but even my oily skin loves hyaluronic acid. It makes my skin feel hydrated and plumper than just regular moisturizers do, so I am excited to give this serum a try.

hyaluronic acid

All of this to say; I still love my FabFitFun subscription; I’m just going to hope that the winter box is more my speed. I still highly suggest it if you are someone who loves subscription boxes. I feel like it is the box with the best value — it’s $49.95 per season (or you can subscribe annually) and the box is typically valued at $250 (but usually more) and all products are full-sized; not the little samples you usually find in subscription boxes.

If you want to see past seasons of my unboxing, you can click this link and see all of them!

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