FabFitFun Summer 2017 Unboxing!

I am officially obsessed with this FabFitFun subscription box.  It’s AMAZING!  It’s constantly filled with great quality products that I actually use, or have wanted to try out anyway, and this Summer box is no exception.

This is the third box I’ve received since subscribing this past winter, and it’s easily my favorite box to date.  Every unboxing I’ve done, thus far, there’s always been one or two things in the box that I like but either I didn’t think would work for me or I wasn’t super interested in but that might be good to keep as a gift for someone else.  That’s not the case with this box.  I want all of it and am excited to give every product a try.

One of the aspects of this box that I love so much is that each box supports an amazing female-run non-profit organization.  Each season part of the proceeds goes to their selected organization to help their cause, so you get great products and you get to help people in need at the same time.

This season’s box is supporting the Joyful Heart foundation, founded by Mariska Hargitay, which works with sexual assault survivors to help them heal and reclaim their lives after these events.  I’ve heard of this organization before, so I’m pretty familiar with it and I love that FabFitFun partnered with them to give even more aid and help to these women.

If you’ve never received this box and are interested in beginning a subscription, just check out what was in this season’s box and I’ll give you a link to sign up which will also get you $10 off your first box.  I will also give the retail value for each of the products I received to give you an even better idea of the value you receive in these boxes.


I just want to reiterate, I’m obsessed with this box, so if I’m gushing at all during this, it’s because I’m super excited by everything in it.  As always, their packaging is beautiful; it’s such a fun package to see sitting at your door after a long day and it’s even more fun to open.


The first thing that caught my attention was this beautiful Michael Star scarf (I know you’re super surprised).  It’s huge, which I love.  You can wear it as a scarf, a sarong (if you’re a beach person, which we know I’m not) or a shawl.  While it’s large, it’s not heavy’ it’s a very lightweight viscose material, so it would be easy to wear now and into the fall when it gets a little chilly.  And it’s blue, which is my favorite color, so I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of this one! This beautiful scarf retails for $54.


scarf open

There’s almost always a piece of jewelry in these boxes, which is always beautiful, but if you’ve seen my previous unboxings, I haven’t been able to wear the pieces because they were gold (which I’m sadly allergic to).  Finally there is a necklace that isn’t gold and that I can happily wear!  This Mystic Bar Necklace from Kris Nation has Howlite gemstones meant to enhance intuition and promote calmness – what anxious person doesn’t want to be calmer?  It’s on a 16 inch chain with silver overlay, which also means I can actually wear it.  It’s very small and delicate, so I could easily wear it along side another necklace if I want something a little bolder.  Each necklace is handmade in India and retails for $58. And how cute is the little glass vial packaging?


necklace up close

Next is a Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk from Klorane.  I love trying out Dry Shampoos because I am a huge believer in only washing your hair every few days or so. Shampooing every day just makes my hair brittle and then using heat tools on it just adds to the damage, so I typically only shampoo every 3-4 days lately, which has made my hair stronger and more manageable.  Obviously by the end of day 2 or 3 my hair is starting to feel pretty dirty and dry shampoo lets me get another day or so out of my hair. I’m really interested in trying this brand because I’ve heard that Oat Milk is supposed to be really good at cleansing the dirt off the hair without drying it out like some Dry Shampoos can do.  This Klorane shampoo also is designed to not leave that white residue that many others can, so I’m excited to see how this works.  Retails for $20.

dry shampoo

Being a person with very fair skin, the word “bronze” usually conjures up thoughts of orangey streaks on my face that I can’t blend or that just make me look weird.  So, when I saw this Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze, I was skeptical….very skeptical. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened the compact and saw this light tan/nude color that had a little touch of shimmer in it.  I swatched a little bit on my hand and was even more surprised when the color essentially blended seamlessly into my skin and just left a hint of shimmer on my hand.  And the shimmer is subtle; it doesn’t look like you just sprinkled glitter on your face like some highlighters can.  It’s something that looks like it could easily be worn in any environment (including work) and will just add a little extra brightness to your face.  Retails for $30.

cargo hd

open cargo

cargo swatch

You all have met the dark circles and puffiness I house under my eyes, right? Yeah….it’s not pretty.  While I like the eye cream I’m currently using, I’m not against trying something new, like this Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate.  One thing I love, right off the bat, is the container and the pump, so you don’t have to stick your fingers in a jar to get product out (which you know I’m not a fan of).  This concentrate contains certified organic aloe, grape, and carrot juice blended with essential fatty acids to help hydrate and nourish the eye area.  It works for all skin types and is a super lightweight creamy consistency, so it could easily be worn throughout the day under your makeup.  Retail value $29.

eye cream

You know what else people with fair skin look for?  A really good sunscreen for their face; which really everyone should use a really good sunscreen on their face; not just us super pale people.  I am pretty picky about moisturizers with sunscreen because I’m also pretty oily, which gets even worse in the summer, so I was a little off put by this until I saw it was oil-free and non-comedogenic; which any moisturizer I put on my face has to be.  So this Eau Thermale Avene Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion is something I could actually try that shouldn’t break me out or make my oil situation worse.  It has a higher SPF of 50, which, it’s summer, that’s better than the 30 I use in the winter.  It does absorb quickly into the skin and doesn’t have that very pronounced scent like a lot of sunscreens do. While I don’t think it would be hydrating enough for me in the winter, I think for the summer months, this would be a great substitution for my normal Murad face product. Retails for $24.


Because it’s summer and you should make sure you’re nice and hydrated there is a water bottle.  Maybe they heard I don’t drink enough water, so they’re trying to give me a pretty vessel to make sure I do that?  I make zero promises on that, but it is pretty so I’m willing to try.  This is the BKR “Little” glass water bottle.  It does have a silicone cover over the glass so it’s not quite so fragile.  It does say to wash it on the top shelf of the dishwasher but it doesn’t say to take the silicone wrap off…sooooo….if anyone knows you’re welcome to share the info because I’m definitely open to seeing if this gets me to drink more water (but again…no promises).  Retail value $35.

water bottle

This last item is just adorable for every food-enthusiast.  It’s a little Himalayan Pink Salt Kit from Salted and it’s adorable.  Obviously there is the salt inside in a sealed package, but there is also a little stand and a grater so you can display your beautiful salt at your next get together.  Himalayan Pink Salt it best used as a finishing salt, so when serving grate a small amount over the top of your dish to add that special finishing touch.  This is a great way to finish steaks or grilled veggies!  Retails for $26.

pink salt

salt kit

As you can see, from all of that, my box has a value of $276 which is crazy because it only costs $49.99 per box.  These boxes come out once per season, so $49.99 four times a year is less than the value of one box.  It’s crazy.  And all products are full-size products, so if you go to the stores and purchase these items, you’ll see that it’s the same size you received in your box.

In addition, FabFitFun almost always sends some sort of sample or special offer or coupon code for other companies they partner with, which is also a great way to try out new things as well.

For example, this season had a sample of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen supplement. I’ve been seeing this collagen supplement everywhere lately and have been curious about trying it, so this will give the me the chance to do so before buying it.

vital proteins

In addition to the collagen sample there is also a free 3 month subscription to SaltedTV.com which is basically an online cooking class.  There are recipes, videos, cooking classes with the nation’s top chefs, and access to a chef hotline.  This subscription starts at $9.99 a month and FabFitFun subscribers get 3 months free just for being subscribers to try it out.  If you don’t like it after three months, just cancel and you’ve spent nothing.


This is really just a fun box to get every few months; I love it and don’t see me cancelling..ya know…ever.

So if this is also interesting to you, you can sign up here to begin your subscription and you will also get $10 off your first box, making it only $39.99 (all future boxes will be $49.99). When you’re signing up, you can also fill out your profile so that the curators can send you boxes that match your likes/needs/wants best.  Like I’ve said before, it seems expensive for a subscription box, but it’s all full size products and the quality of products definitely make it worth the price.

Let me know if you sign up and when you get your first box!

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