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Fall FabFitFun Unboxing!

I love my FabFitFun subscription.  I think I’ve mentioned that a few times now (read: I say this every time).  It’s the best, it’s like a present four times a year.

This one was no different. I was so excited opening it, it felt like Christmas morning (ya know, during the summer because it’s still all hot outside).

If you are new the FabFitFun world, they are a seasonal subscription box that sends actual full-size products, clothing, accessories, and things that just randomly help your life in general. I admit it’s a bit more expensive than most boxes, it costs $49.99/box, but you always get boxes with about $300 worth of product in them. I think my current box was worth about $375, so definitely justifies the $49.99 price tag, in my opinion.  Plus, you can go through this link to get $10 off your first box, so it’s only $39.99 to try it out.

I don’t think I’ve had a box that I’ve hated yet.  There are times where I’ll have a couple of items that I either won’t use or are kind of irrelevant to my interests, but I can usually re-gift those things to people that will use them.

So, you want to see the stuff inside?  Yup, I know.

Can we first mention how pretty the boxes are, though?  I mean…who wouldn’t want to open this?

Fall FFF


Let’s start with the biggest thing first, because I know that’s what you’re looking at.

Vince Camuto

This is a beautiful and HUGE tote from Vince Camuto.  Like seriously huge….I actually put my 13″ MacBook next to it, so you could see the actual size of it.

Vince Camuto


It is authentic vegan leather, it will hold everything you could possibly need, and it even has a small inside pocket to hold smaller things so they don’t get lost at the bottom.  This tote alone was worth more than the cost of the box at $128.  You all know my purse love runs deep, so FabFitFun, you guys can send me a purse with each box.

tea towels

Yes, those are towels.  I feel like this sort of lifestyle-y thing is different for them, maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know.  But who doesn’t always need more dish towels in the kitchen? These are really cute, I love the pattern, and they feel like really good quality dish towels that will sustain…ya know…you’re husband using them or something (ladies, you know what I mean).  This set was about $15, so definitely a little higher quality than most of us normally get from the linen aisle at Target (not that there’s anything wrong with those – as my kitchen is always decked out in them!)

glam glow

Admittedly, I have not gotten into the whole sheet mask trend that everyone is into these days, it just hasn’t been my top priority, so I’m excited that they sent these two GlamGlow Bubblesheet masks.  They look like they are for all skin types, they are meant to purify and deep-clean your skin, and whose face doesn’t need that.  This two-pack was valued at $18.  You all know I’m not that likely to spend $9 on a mask I’ll use once, so getting them here is a good way to give them a try.


These have made me SO HAPPY!  I actually needed new earbuds when I got these, so I got a bit too excited, like more excited than the Vince Camuto tote excited, because I’m like, “now I don’t have to go and buy new ones”!  I go through headphones, a lot.  Mostly because I buy the cheap ones that break easily because somehow in my head I can’t justify spending a ton on headphones.  These retail at $40 (which meant I’m probably not likely to willingly pick them up in a store) and they’re wireless/bluetooth, which is kind of spoiling me.  It’s so nice, if I’m out and listening to music on my phone, that I don’t have that cord attached to my phone and getting tangled in everything.  The small cord just sits around my neck and the controls are right on the cord itself, so my phone can stay in my purse, where it belongs.  So happy for these!

Grown alchemist

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Grown Alchemist products lately, so I was really excited to have the chance to try this out.  Plus, it’s very timely as I just ran out of my Dr. Brandt exfoliator that I got in a FabFitFun box last year. So this is their Polishing Face Exfoliant with Pink Grapefruit and Glucomannan Extract that is meant to gently polish and exfoliate dry/dead skin from your face and neck.  The winter is notoriously rough on most people’s skin, mine included, so having this for the upcoming winter months is great.  And, since I started the trend, this is valued at $67.

blue capri

This smells….amazing! The scents of Rose and Basil and all that other stuff all together….it’s good.  I’ve never been to Italy, but if this is what it smells like, I’ll happily go (I’d happily go anyway, let’s be fair).  This shower gel retails at $22 and it’s a really good sized bottle; it’ll likely last me a couple of months, at least.  I made Devon sniff it since sometimes scents make him sneeze and he enjoyed it, too, so it’s not too flowery with Rose being the first scent listed, but it’s also really earthy and just a really good scent for winter/fall.


This is the one thing I know I’m not keeping because I don’t drink tea (or coffee….I know I live in a strange world). But it’s really cute, it’s ceramic and made by the famed Alfred Tea Room in Los Angeles.  It has a strainer/diffuser thing inside, and a stainless steel lid and again super cute, but I have no use for it.  So, I will be gifting this at Christmas to one of my co-workers who is obsessed with tea, so I have one Christmas gift already done!  And this retails for $26.

beauty blender

I actually just bought a new beauty blender a couple weeks ago, so this made me sad, but it’s fine, I can keep it for when my current one dies.  They’re like $20, so I’m more than happy to not need a new one again any time soon.  I do think I like that it’s black, I feel like it might hide some of the colorings from foundation and all that stuff…maybe…maybe not, I don’t know, we’ll see.  While I typically use a brush for most of my foundation, I do like these for concealer, it makes it blend a lot better.


Farmacy is another . brand that I’ve been hearing a lot about and have been interested in trying out.  Plus, I’m always into trying out a new eye cream.  This eye cream retails for $38, so really not bad and this is a really good sized pot of it.  You can use it morning and night and it’s supposed to minimize lines, signs of stress, dark circles, all of that.  I haven’t tried it yet because I’m finishing up my current tube and I know if I don’t finish it I likely never will, but I will likely report back if I like this later on.

luna bar

Lastly, is a Luna bar.  I love that they add these little extras into the box.  I’ve never tried a Luna bar, but I know they’re gluten-free which is good for my life, so it’s a good thing to just keep in my desk at work for times, like today when I don’t have time to eat an actual meal.

So, as I mentioned before, I LOVE this subscription box so much; I’ve tried a lot of them and this is definitely my favorite one.  If you want to give it a try and want $10 off your first box, check out the link here, I promise it is definitely worth the initial cost!


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