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Honeymoon Packing List

I admit, I’m not good at packing.  Like, at all.

I either fully overpack or I pack the wrong things or something happens.  I blame it on the fact that I don’t travel a ton and am overly attached to a lot of the stuff I use on a daily basis.

I have so many things I feel like I HAVE to take with me; especially since we’re gone for pretty much two weeks, so I made a list out of everything.

packing list erin condreN

(And yes, that is an Erin Condren notebook.  It is, however, an old version that is no longer made, but if you want to check out her entire line of notebooks, head on over here to save $10 off your notebook!)

Even with this list, I feel like I’m missing things.  And then, looking at tis list seems overwhelming because it’s a lot of stuff.

Devon, being a guy, was somewhat unhelpful as he rattled off on his fingers what he was taking with him and I think still had a finger or two left over.

I, on the other hand, am notorious for needing a large rolling suitcase for a four day trip; so you can imagine my nerves for a 13 day one.

My one solace is that there is a complementary laundry service at our hotel in London, so we can have all of our stuff washed before we head over to Wales, which means not having to pack quite as much clothing as I would have.  So, that helps.  But, I’m still indecisive about what I want to wear, so there’s that.

I know England is notorious for being rainy and chilly (even Devon is like; “so are we taking umbrellas or just buying them there?”), so I wanted to make sure I have some rain essentials in there, hence the trench (which is oh so British), cardigan, and scarves. Despite that, I still want a pair of sandals and shorts just in case it manages to be nice at least one day while we are there.

Now, I know for domestic flights, you can put full size bottles and containers of shampoo and stuff in your bags, but is that also true for international flights?  I have a couple of small travel size back ups that will go in my carry on, just in case, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer for international travel online.  While it will take up a bit more room, it’ll be so much easier to just pack a full size shampoo and conditioner instead of getting a bunch of little sizes that are a waste of money considering I already have everything in big sizes at home.

I told Devon that I think he’s going to need to do my packing for me.  He thinks I’m kidding. I’m really not.  He’s making these big, bold claims that he’s a great packer and can fit all his stuff into a small suitcase, so if that’s the case; I’ll give him a good challenge!

But I would love all the help I can get!  Especially if you’ve been to the UK; am I packing the right things? Are there things I’m forgetting? Things I don’t need?  Give me all the answers!!

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