It’s time for us to break up…

With Once Upon A Time.

Devon and I were avid watchers of the show since it started.  But the past couple of seasons have left us pretty….underwhelmed.

The plots seem either super outlandish or “been there done that”, and I know it’s a fantasy show, so outlandish is kind of the norm, but this is just ridiculously outlandish. It’s just getting to the point where it doesn’t make any sense.  One minute they’re in Neverland, then they’re back in Storybrooke, then they’re in Agrabah and there’s no concept of travel time and it’s just….too much.

And the special effects, especially earlier this season, were driving me NUTS!  They clearly had a cut in their effects budget because it’s so obvious when they’re in green screen and when they’re actually in a setting.  I shouldn’t be able to see effects lines around the actors.  It’s just been bad.

And I swear Snow White annoys the CRAP outta me.  I can’t stand to see her on screen anymore.  It just makes my eyes roll so hard.

I think the kicker has been, we didn’t realize that it came back from it mid-season hiatus this past weekend until we saw it in the DVR.

Even worse, we actually can’t remember what happened earlier in the season.  Like we can’t sit and say “oh hey, they should be here, or going to this place, or this is happening”. We seriously just don’t remember.

For a point of reference, Designated Survivor came back last night (which is waiting in the DVR for tonight) and all I can say is, it better not be his wife that got shot, because I actually remember how it left off before the winter hiatus.

We’ve left Once Upon A Time sitting in the DVR since Sunday just in the hopes that we would remember and we’re both just…..clueless.  It’s like our viewing of it never happened.

So, I think at this point, we’re going to pull the plug and just erase it from the DVR. Devon and I were talking this morning before we left the house and he’s like “I think I’m just going to delete it out of the DVR when we get home, I don’t remember and there’s no point and clearly it wasn’t memorable enough to actually bother continuing”.  We’re done.

It’s been fun-ish Once Upon A Time.  But, our time is over.  I hope you enjoy whatever (likely short) amount of time you have left.

Peace out, old friend.

4 thoughts on “It’s time for us to break up…”

  1. Y’all lasted longer than I did! I loved the show for the first season or two and then it needed to end. Or do what American Crime and American Horror Story do and change lands, related characters, etc. each season. Its a shame, because the first season was so good!

    1. The first couple of seasons were great! Third was fine, but after that I started to lose interest. It took Devon a little longer to lose interest but when you can’t remember what happened like two months ago? That’s bad. We can actually barely remember the fall season at all.

      I think they just needed to end it awhile ago. I kow there are a lot of options/lands, but when you’re trying to do them all the way they are, it’s just too much.

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