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Regardless of the world climate, Devon and I are typically big fans of binge-watching shows, movies, series, etc. Since we all seem to be watching a bit more TV these days than we used to, I thought I’d give a peek into our recent watch list.

I will admit, Devon and I don’t necessarily just watch all the new stuff. We’re big on re-watching classics, discovering shows later than others, and watching stuff that some people wouldn’t think about. It gives us a really diverse watch list, which is a good thing, but also super annoying when you don’t know what to watch and can’t seem to narrow down what you want to watch because you have so many options.

#firstworldproblems. I know.

We are also a household that subscribes to, probably, too many TV options. We do have traditional cable (I know it’s weird for people our age to have it, but we’re having a hard time cutting the cord there) as well as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime video (which most people do since it comes with Prime subscriptions).

Devon also has WWE network, which we’re actually about to get rid of since we really don’t watch it anymore (AEW has taken all of our attention and is better #fightme). If you’ve seen photos of our basement you also know we basically have a library of DVD’s and Blu-Rays of movies, TV shows, even old school cartoons and anime’s (which are Devon’s thing). So, we are in no way at a loss for something to watch at any given point, which is good considering the state of affairs we’re in right now.

So, I’m going to break it down by the streaming services we have. I’m mostly just focusing on series, here, not movies. You can’t really binge a movie as easily.


  • You: Currently watching season 2 and if you’re into Penn Badgley be kind of creepy and stalky, you’ll like this. I appreciate his self-deprecation and sarcasm, too.
  • Supernatural: I mean, we’ve watched Supernatural for years, but previous seasons are on Netflix now. We stopped watching around Season 10 and now that their airing their final season we’re catching up.
  • Sex Education: So good, so funny (even though I don’t think it’s supposed to be nearly as funny as it was to us) and a little quirky all at the same time. We binged the whole second season in 2 days.
  • The Witcher: One of those where it’s better if you read the books but you don’t need to. Also if you’re a GOT fan, you’ll be able to appreciate this.
  • Grace and Frankie: Almost like a modern day Golden Girls but there’s only two of them. It’s amazing. The fact that they only have one season left makes me so sad.
  • Good Girls: Which I know is an NBC show, but we’ve only watched it on Netflix. Christina Hendrix, Retta and Mae Whitman are EVERYTHING.
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: It’s basically Sabrina the Teenage Witch on steroids; it’s good. Definitely darker and not nearly as funny, but good.
  • Black Mirror: Always good if you’re into shows messing with your head a bit. The plus is that every episode is stand-alone so you can really just pick random episodes and watch without missing anything from previous episodes.
  • Big Mouth: Animated shows for adults that basically reminds us all of what puberty was for all of us but what no one ever talked about. Hilarious.
  • Unbelievable: Definitely a tear jerker, can also definitely be triggering due to rape/aftermath of rape, but a really honest depiction of what it can be like and, I think, really important to watch.


Admittedly, we love this service mostly just because it has so many old TV shows and classics on it; which is really all we watch.

  • Perfect Strangers: YES, I SAID IT! That 80’s comedy series with Bronson Pinchot, yeah…that one. Just watch it. Don’t @ me.
  • The Orville: Definitely a spoof on like Star Trek and whatnot. You don’t have to watch Star Trek to appreciate it. I don’t even really like Seth McFarlane and I think it’s hilarious.
  • Animaniacs: AGAIN, I SAID IT! Don’t judge me!
  • Smallville: Probably the only show regarding Superman that I’ve seen that doesn’t bore me.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: It’s just a national treasure that everyone should experience, especially in a binge-session.

Amazon Prime Video

  • The Man in the High Castle: Easily our favorite Amazon series. It’s basically what the world could be like if Hitler had won which is terrifying and interesting all at the same time.
  • The Boys: Basically what happens when superheros abuse their powers and people get super mad about it.
  • Fleabag: I will admit this took us a minute to get into, but once we did, it was really good.
  • Good Omens: I mean, ya’ll know I crush hard on David Tennant and him as Crowley, the infamous hell demon….Please just watch it.
  • Orphan Black: The lead actress plays 6 different characters, all beautifully. If you’re into cloning, you’ll like this. Even if you aren’t, just watch it.

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