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So, would everyone horrifically judge me if I said we never sent thank you cards from our wedding?

Because…we didn’t.

It wasn’t intentional or meant with any kind of malice, it just didn’t happen. I thought about it several times and each time it was; “I’ll do it this weekend”, “we’ll sit and do it over break”…it just never happened.

Writing isn’t hard, but the process of writing them out, addressing envelopes, sending them out; it was just a process that I wish could have been easier.

I wish I had known about Paperless Post back in 2018 when we got married because I would have easily sent an e-card thanking our friends and family because it’s so much easier to type it, add an email address and have Paperless Post send it out for you.

Kind of like….

thank you card
thank you

How cute is that, right?

They have so many patterns, colors, even designer options. Like Rifle Paper Co and Kate Spade all have designs on Paperless Post which are beautiful.

And, it isn’t just thank you cards. Pretty much anything you can print or write, you can do it online here. Birthday cards, invitations, thank you, stationary, flyers, holiday cards; you can even do your professional events and promotions here.

Check out a couple of things I’ve played around with since finding the site:

baby shower

I mean it’ll happen eventually….

work party

With Paperless Post, you have the ability to customize every single part of your project; from the font to the background, to the art, and even the Digital envelope that they send it to your recipient in.

If you’ve been around here for a minute, you know I love me some stationary, paper products, planners, etc. We’ve met my obsession.

But, I will fully admit (as evidenced above) I don’t just sit and write out letters. I know it’s a lost art and I know so many people are probably angry at me for saying that. I just don’t and I don’t foresee that changing in my near future. So, having a service that will help me do that online (since I’m on my computer all the time anyway) is wonderful.

If you are someone who is budget conscious (aka me) a lot of their designs are completely free to use/personalize and send to your friends/family. You can send up to 50 cards/invitations completely free then each card costs a certain amount of coins to send. Paperless Post operates on a coin system, so you can purchase a bundle depending on what you need and what you feel like you’ll use.

When you consider what you spend on actual paper cards, envelopes and postage to mail the cards themselves, this is definitely much more budget friendly.

And you may not be considered horrible friends for never sending thank you cards almost two years after your wedding…

Just sayin’…..

Head on over to Paperless Post if you’re in need of sending cards and inviting people over for that really big football game….that’s supposed to be happening soon….I don’t know if that’s a thing….I think it’s a thing? #sportsarehard

Let me know how much you love it!

*collaboration review; all opinions are my own.

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