Saturday Shorts


*We were in Pennsylvania this weekend for our friend’s wedding and it was so pretty up there.  Just the drive alone was beautiful. It reminded me of when I would drive back to school in Frostburg.  You hit that point where you’re not really in a city anymore and you just see the road and hills and mountains and it’s just beautiful.  Like this:


This was taken on my phone from the passenger seat, so my apologies for the odd sizing.


*Plus the wedding was beautiful.  Our poor friends were so stressed, though.  They were supposed to have an outdoor wedding but it was pouring all day, so the reception space wound up becoming the reception, ceremony and cocktail hour space.  There was some creative figuring for some of it, but it all worked out and it was an amazing night. Now, that all these weddings are over, we don’t have one in the books until 2020 when we have two more: our friends Yuri and Chanel (who are getting married on my birthday which automatically makes it a winner of a day) and Michelle and Jeremy and both of those are travel weddings (Yuri’s is in New York and Michelle’s is also in PA); so having 2019 off will be nice.

*I go back to work full time in three weeks.  Seriously.  Where has the summer gone? I don’t know if I’m ready…I mean I say that every year….but forreal though…

*Devon and I were talking about our plans to buy a house on the way home from PA today.  I think we’re expanding our search area a bit.  Devon did bring up a good point that where we were originally looking is further from my school than where we are now; which was also a downside to me. We’re not putting this area fully out of the equation, but adding some others to it as well.  Devon is really itching to buy a home…like now….which is good that he has me because it means he won’t do anything crazy (like buy one before we’re ready) but it’s cute to see him so into this process.

*My birthday is in like two weeks.  Normally, I’ve been all over the place with it already, but I haven’t had time.  Don’t get me wrong, though, the excitement is coming.  I always get myself a little something for my birthday and I already know what it is.  I’ll share soon and I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends! 

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