Saturday Shorts


*The Haunting on Hill House = everything.  Go watch it.  It’s not gory or anything (at least so far) but just the right amount of creepy.  Seriously…binge it.

*I have all the cold weather vibes this weekend.  I made soup in the crock pot last night and I have Devon’s all-time favorite, pot roast, in the crock pot now.  I’ll do some mashed potatoes with it later (ultimately my favorite part) and there will be happiness.  Though, I’m currently procrastinating peeling those potatoes (as well as meal prepping my lunch for the week…and cleaning the bathroom.  I’ve done everything else, though, that’s really all that’s left.

*I grabbed this set of All-Clad Anodized Saute Pans yesterday; with the extra savings code, they were around $35; which is phenomenal for All-Clad.  These pans will literally last through an apocalypse.  We’ve had the same cookware set for at least five years and while it was a decent quality, it’s not a set that is meant to last many years, so I’ve been slowly replacing it all with higher quality pieces when I find a good sale.  Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 1.12.40 PM

*My school has a professional development day on Friday, but no one has been told what it is that we’re doing yet.  Part of me is hoping that it’ll just wind up being a “hey….go do something related to the profession, but you don’t have to come here” kind of days…but I doubt I’ll get that lucky.

*I need to go to my hairdresser.  So much.  I was initially kind of avoiding it because of my new current hair issues, but it does need to be cut a bit, I just can’t find time to go.  Friday would be a great time to go….again…probably not gonna happen, though….

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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