Saturday Shorts


*Sundays aren’t so bad when you only have to work two days before you’re off again.

*I are so excited for the five days off we have coming up. We have a few things to get done at home (and a few of those things Devon will be helping me with) but for the most part, there will be a lot of relaxing and chilling out.

*My hair was done on Friday!  It looks and feels so much better.  The ends were so damaged and broken, partially from all of the hair issues I’m having and from me being a little too rough with it.  So all of that got cut off, the color was done so it looks really rich and vibrant again.  It’s not going to cure all of my issues, but at least it all looks better.  And look at that shine, tho!

*I’m trying out some night creams because I feel like I’m at “that age” that it needs to happen.  I started with the more “affordable” options and currently using a highly rated Garnier cream that is really optimal for oily skin (like I have).  While I’ve only used it for two nights, I feel like my skin feels a little softer, but I’m not a huge fan of the smell.  I’m going to use it for a few more weeks before I form a full opinion, but I do like how my skin feels.

*Jeopardy is on Netflix.  There are only certain championship games on it, but it’s still really dangerous for my house to know this. #jeopardyaddicts

*It looks very wintery out, which is kind of nice.  Maybe we’ll actually have a winter this year.  I still haven’t gotten snow boots yet, but Black Friday is coming and I don’t think we have snow in the forecast anytime soon…I don’t think…anyway.  Hopefully not.

I hope you all are having a great and restful Sunday! 


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