Goodie Girl Cookies Chocolate Creme
Saturday Shorts


*Weekends move so quickly. I feel like it was just Friday.

*I’m playing around with some meal prep for lunch this week. It’s pretty simple, just protein and roasted veggies. but if it turns out as good as it’s currently smelling. maybe I’ll do an Instagram live of it next weekend.

*Now that spring seems like it might actually be here to stay? Maybe…sort of maybe…I’m starting to pack my closet for the move. While no it wouldn’t take me long to pack it when we’re actually in the moving process, why postpone it. Besides, I’m totes ready to move…like..yesterday.

*If you haven’t taken advantage of the Old Navy sale yet…you really REALLY should. They have 30% off everything, unless you’re a cardmember and then it’s 50% off everything! I admit I’m not a big store credit card person, but I do have an Old Navy card (that I can also use at Gap and Banana Republic) and the perks are really amazing. If you shop at Old Navy as much as I do, I’d think about it just for the perks alone.

*I also really want to point out how addicted to these Goodie Girl Cookies I still am.

Goodie Girl Cookies Chocolate Creme

I would basically love if I could exist solely on these forever and ever. You can still get them on Amazon; I’ve only found them in Giant so far. I kind of wish this brand had all of their varieties in all of the stores that carry them, but for some reason only select varieties are in certain stores. Who knows why. I just know that this variety is carried at the Giant near me, which makes me very happy.

*In happy news, Devon got his car back on Friday. We celebrated by going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner in his car. It’s so cute how he was pretending that he didn’t really miss it and it wasn’t a big deal that he had it back. Meanwhile he sat in it for like 15 minutes when he got home just admiring it. #nerd.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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