Saturday Shorts


*I’m having one of those weekends where I can’t seem to finish what I start. I have about 20 tabs/pages/applications open on my laptop right now because of this issue. I get like this sometimes when a lot of change is happening or about to happen in my life. And we’re getting to a pretty big changing point in life here in the next couple months, so…here’s hoping I at least ATTEMPT to keep things together…

*As an update to Thursday’s Life post, we found out what was wrong with Devon’s car. One of the main hoses was cracked in several places, which made all of the coolant that was put in the car leak everywhere, which led to the overheating. This hose, that goes everywhere, is $1260 to replace. Yes, you’re reading correctly. $1260…for a hose. LUCKILY our insurance was able to find cause that it was related to the accident, so we don’t have to pay for it; they’re adding it to our accident claim. So now he’s up to almost $9000 in damage done in his accident. AND they haven’t even checked to see if the leaking did any damage to any of the engine components yet because they won’t turn the car on and check the engine until the hose is replaced. So, the total could be higher. But, fingers crossed the hose comes in tomorrow; they’ll put it in and inspect all of the things, and HOPEFULLY he has his car back Tuesday morning at the latest. Because…damn I’m tired. 4 hours in a car a day is no joke.

*I’ve decided I needed to make a full on mash-up of all of the best music ever on Spotify. I’m almost 3,000 songs deep and not even done, but it is pretty epic, I must admit. If you’re into music from anytime in the past 100 years of all different genres, varieties, sounds, etc, feel free to check it out. If you feel like I’m missing something, or if there’s something you think I’d be interested in, feel free to leave a comment below!

*In other important news, GAME OF THRONES IS BACK TONIGHT! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that. I mean…it’s been awhile…

We all know this season is going to be emotional AF, especially for those of us that have watched since the beginning, read all of the books and basically, invested a decade of our lives into this. I’m SO READY, though!

*We only have three days of work this week due to Easter Break. I’m still not sure if we’re doing anything for Easter yet…I’m not even sure if Devon’s family knows yet…I have no idea. So far all I know about Easter break is that I’m getting new back brakes and going to the doctor. It’s super fun, I know. #adulting

*I’m making a list of beauty products that I want to try out. I’m finding myself bored with a lot of my beauty routine and wanting to try some new things. If there are any holy grail products you love for oily/acne prone skin, feel free to drop your recommendations below and I’ll add them to the lists I’m making (which I’m likely going to share on Thursday).

I should probably see if I can finish off one of the 20 things I started now. Have a great Sunday!

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