Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1

I’m sure the fact that I watched this Sunday night surprises no one. The fact that I hadn’t mentioned it yet is likely what is surprising because it was AMAZING!

Literally, awesome. Don’t know if it was worth the two-year wait…but still awesome.

I’m not going to be the one that summarizes the whole episode because, really, you should just watch it for yourself.

But, can we talk about how mad some people are that they did “too much” in one episode? Like Jon rode a dragon, everyone is back in Winterfell, there were too many reunions, oh and Jon already found out that he’s a Targaryen and the rightful King of the Iron Throne, and Bran’s friend (AKA Jaime) finally landed in Winterfell, too; and that this was all too much.

Guys…we’re only getting 6 episodes in this final season so we got some shit to do in a little bit of time. So, yeah, some stuff is going to come out quickly. It’s just how this is going to work. Just work with it.

One thing I liked was how many references they had to previous seasons in this first episode, it’s almost like you can tell that they’re winding down and want to pay tribute, which is pretty awesome.

If you missed any of the references, because while I caught most of them, I did miss a couple, this video does a really good job of pointing them out and making the references for you.

I really wish, though, that they would have taken the slight humor that they could have used for the Tyrion and Sansa reunion. I mean…technically they’re still married; they never had that sorted out. So you really have a husband and wife seeing each other for the first time in a few years (even though they were barely married through this arranged marriage situation before they both went on their own things) and I wish they would have added like a “Hello….wife” from Tyrion or something. It would have been hilarious.

But I’ll get over it.

Easily my favorite thing (besides Jon’s literal I know nothing because I’m Jon Snow reaction to him finding out he’s actually the rightful King) was seeing Bran and Jamie’s reunion at the end. All episode Bran is like, “I’m waiting for my friend”, and we know he can see everything as the Three-Eyed Raven, so he knew who was coming to Winterfell and when. So when Jaime got off his horse and Bran was just sitting there staring him down…best part of the whole episode. It was amazing. I look forward to that playing out next week.

Honestly, though, as good as the season opener was, the memes from the first episode are even better. I don’t know who is creating all of these, but they have made my life amazing and I want to share this amazingness with you.

And my absolute favorite…..

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