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Ikea 2018 Favorite Finds

Getting the new Ikea catalog every year is like a belated birthday present.  It is, by far, my favorite catalog every year and it’s one of the few catalogs I receive that I can flip through multiple times and still enjoy. With my new position at school being a little extra crazy (more on that at …

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Frugal Living Hair Shopping

Deal Hunting Diva

I honestly get kind of mad when I have to pay full price for stuff.  It makes my heart hurt and kills a little piece of my soul. Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But only a little. You know how you see/hear people or friends say “I need some retail therapy” and they …

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Funny Random Saturday Shorts Shopping Wedding

Saturday Shorts

*I have been so lazy all day long.  The couch and I are becoming one with each other.  It’s a comfy couch.  It’s a good couch. *When Devon asked me what I wanted for Christmas a couple of weeks ago, the only thing I could think of was to replace my well-loved and worn J. …

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