Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts

*I stopped at Wegman’s on my way home yesterday afternoon to pick up a few things and grab a prescription. After I checked out, I went out to the parking lot and spent like 5 minutes looking for my car.  My, now, old car, that is.  In my brain I’m still looking for a silver Rogue. Meanwhile my new black Terrain is sitting in the second spot from the front of the store and I walked right by it.  It takes a little while to get used to a new car, okay? And it’s been a very long week.  Don’t judge me.  

*To re-iterate how long of a week its been, I slept almost 12 hoours last night. It was glorious and much needed.  It’s a three-day weekend, and I’m so ridiculously happy about it.

*My beloved TOMS are dying.  I have several pairs, but I have one neutral brown canvas pair that I wear so much and they’re wearing in the heel in one shoe. And I’m honestly not mad about it.  I bought this pair, probably, at least 4 years ago and, like I said, I wear them a lot, all year round. I know everyone is always up in arms about how expensive TOMS are, but considering 4 years of really good wear and they’re just now dying?  I’ll willingly spend $50-$75 on a pair of shoes that can do that.  And I’ve tried the “knock-offs” or “dupes” and none of them are as comfy for me as TOMS are.  Not only is TOMS having a big sale right now, they’re also doing FREE standard shipping, so awesome time to get more.  So, I got a new pair of the Ash colored classics as well as this Cute glittery black pair that I can wear to work.  And I got an extra 10% off because they have a teachers discount (which I love stores that do that).  It was a really good deal for two pairs of TOMS, I’m excited to get them.  

*I am so not okay with how warm it is outside.  It’s only February. It shouldn’t feel like spring outside.  

*I really need to find time to go get my hair done. I don’t know when that is going to happen because life is insane lately. But it’s way too long and my roots need to be done. The good thing about going darker is that you can’t see the roots badly if hardly at all, but I see them and I know they’re there so it annoys me a little. 

*Now that this seems to be turning into me complaining, I’ll stop now. 

Have a great weekend!! 

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