Saturday Shorts


*This weekend has been so insanely busy AND I have to go back to work tomorrow.  The real kicker? It’s actually supposed to feel like spring the next few days.  Unlike my actual spring break that felt like winters cousin.  It does this every year in Maryland, so I’m not surprised, but it’d be nice if the weather cooperated for once one year.

*Our wedding invitations are just about ready to go out!  I just need a few more addresses from…ya know…Devon…which isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.  I’ll wind up kicking him (not literally) until he gets it done.

*Amazon and I are currently fighting because they claimed a delivery was attempted today and…..we were home when they claimed this.  When I talked to customer service, they claimed they just couldn’t find our address.  So, basically, I’m like….tf, tho? Not okay. So, we’re fighting until they manage to find my address and handle this.

*We had our cat-sitter over yesterday.  She’s a former student of mine who adores cats and volunteered to watch Maya while Devon and I are away on our honeymoon.  Maya adored her; she wouldn’t stop sitting on her lap.  Maya will still hate every minute of the drive to her house and getting to her house, but at least she will like Nina (the girl watching her), so I won’t have to worry about her while we are gone.

*I’m kinda not ready for this whole back to work thing tomorrow.  I mean, I kinda am, but there’s this whole waking up early and having to be productive all day part that I’m not really all about yet.  But we only have about 6-7 weeks of school left at this point, which is making it a bit easier on me to think about.  Of course it also means that there’s not a lot of time until the wedding either, which then makes me freak out again…so…..yeah….

Okay, back to my to-do list.  Hope everyone’s had a great weekend!

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