Saturday Shorts


*I’m re-titling these to just “shorts” because I’m realizing that life is getting a bit insane.  Saturdays seem to be super busy as of late and so I thought “maybe I’ll do Sunday Shorts instead”.  But then I know as soon as I do that, Sundays will get crazy.  So, “Shorts” it is; they’ll happen at some point during the weekend.   

*Devon and I saw “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2” yesterday.  (Side note: It took me like five minutes to spell guardians because every way, including the correct way, just looked wrong to me.) It was hilarious.  I have also determined that I need a baby Groot in my life.  HE’S SO CUTE!

Look at him!  So true!! 

Devon does not fully appreciate my Groot love.  He said it makes me too sappy.  But he’s so cute!!!

*A friend’s cat had kittens and of course one of them happened to be an orange cat, which is what Devon would LOVE to have.  I’m sure why he’s so obsessed with orange cats, but it is what it is.  She was adorable, but Maya (our cat) despises other cats.  Don’t get me wrong, Maya wouldn’t attack or anything, she’s a sweet cat, but she makes her disdain known regularly when there is another cat present, usually in the form of persistent growling and hissing.  Maya’s getting older, too, so I get the feeling having a kitten in the house would just make her disdain that much greater.  

*Ever have one of those days where  you have a bunch of stuff to do but zero motivation to do it? That’s pretty much my life today. I have some work I need to get done, but really I just feel like sitting on Pinterest or Instagram all day looking at pretty pictures.  

*I’m typing this post on my iPad.  And was sitting here just kind of half looking at the screen and half watching Devon play whatever the hell it is he’s playing on his PlayStation…and all of the sudden, my iTunes music started playing.  It scared the shit outta me.  I didn’t do anything to it, I wasn’t even touching the iPad in any way.  How the hell did that happen? Is my iPad possessed? #creepy

*I had a small panic attack the other day in realizing that my wedding is a little over 13 months away.  I don’t know why that freaked me out.  I guess when we got engaged, it seemed so far away and now, I mean it’s still far away, but I guess we probably should get on a couple of things that we’ve been putting off.  Like I need to ask my other two bridesmaids to be in the wedding.  I asked my maid of honor and our friend that we’ve known as long as we’ve known each other already and they both said yes, but I need to get on the other two.  

*Okay, I need to stop procrastinating.  Have a great Sunday! 

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