Woven Heart Cable Knit Sweater
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #13

Technically, it’s college sweatshirt day at school, so I’m actually participating in Casual Friday.  We even had a dress down day yesterday due to the extreme cold.

Where do I even work these days?

Last week I took a brief trip into warm-ish weather land, which was nice.  But if (lol, “if”) you’re in the land of our current polar vortex, you know you need all of the layers just to step outside right now.  I will admit, Maryland isn’t as bad as say…Wisconsin, but we’re still pretty darn cold.  If you’re farther north…I’m so sorry, it has to be hell right now.

To support everyone’s mutual suffering (except for Florida…no), I bring you all the warmth on this Casual Friday.

Woven Heart Cable Knit Sweater

This sweater looks so cozy and warm and is a beautiful rose color that would also be great for Valentine’s Day.  It’s got that festive vibe without being overly showy about it.  Plus, under $50, it’s a steal! 


1822 Denim Butter Skinny Jeans

These classic black jeans would also be perfect.  They’re a little thicker than regular pants and classic enough to wear to work.  These jeans are super affordable and would be a great wardrobe staple. 

Bearpaw Desdemona Snow Boots

Since it’s basically been snowing non-stop for like two weeks, I feel like a good pair of snow boots are essential for basic survival right now.  These Bearpaw snow boots look like they would get you through any amount of snow you may have falling in your area. 


Urban Outfitters Cozy Plaid Blanket Scarf

You always need a big and cozy scarf when it’s cold! 


J Crew Chateau Parka

Normally, I’d feel like a coat like this is kind of extra.  But, as cold as it is, extra is okay, today.  Plus, this coat is 25%, which is pretty rare for a J. Crew coat.  

Stay warm and safe on this cold and snowy Friday!

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