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First Day of Summer

It’s the first day of summer vacation! YAY!!!!

It’s beautiful outside; it’s in the 80’s, it’s bright and sunny and tons of blue skies…..

Yet, I’m at home….cleaning my house.  No intention of going outside today.  At all.

I mean, I did take trash out, but that’s about it.

Livin’ la vida loca….oh yeah.

And, of course, the day I’m dedicating to cleaning and straightening my house, is the day my vacuum cleaner breaks.  It smells like it’s burning when I use it and it’s really not picking up anything anymore, so the carpets are going to have to wait.

And I’m not that mad about it.  I’ve had it for like 5 years, I only spent like $60 on it one Black Friday, so really, I’m sure I could repair it, but….meh.  So I bought a new Bissell on Best Buy that is already ready to be picked up in-store.

And I’m not a Dyson girl or someone who can stomach spending $400+ on a vacuum.  I just can’t.  Especially considering we’ve always had Hoovers and Bissell’s and they do last a good amount of time for most of them being under $100.  This vacuum has really great reviews everywhere and as long as it picks up the cat hair and cat litter and keeps our carpets clean, I’m happy.

So, little funny story: I’m home cleaning; Devon’s at school because he’s not out for the summer until Friday and I’m in the office straightening up.  I look up because something made me look up and there is a spider on the ceiling.  I don’t do bugs, I don’t like them, they’re gross, they freak me out, and I’m just happy I didn’t actually scream.  So, I decided, ya know, since the vacuum is broken anyway…..let’s just hope it still has enough suction to suck him up so that I don’t have to get near it and before it falls off the ceiling and I freak out trying to find it.  And I admit to being a bit cuckoo, but you would have thought it was a black widow the way I was trying to avoid it while using the attachment to suck it up.  Then I hurried and took it (the entire vacuum) out to the dumpster.

Like I said, it was dead anyway! I ordered a new one, so it’s not like I was keeping the old one.

I texted Devon and told him what happened and he laughed at me.  I was not appreciative. At least I didn’t do one of those viral pics where I put like a tupperware container around it and left it for him to kill when he got home.

Never a dull moment.

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