Saturday Shorts


I totally thought this posted yesterday.  Sorry guys…but it’s a holiday…so it’s technically the weekend, right?

*I’m doing a couple of recipe tests this weekend that, obviously, are gluten-free.  A lot of my battle with this is that I still want to eat normally, just without gluten.  Main dish/protein-wise, that’s relatively easy, it’s trying to figure out side dishes that I can eat and that Devon will willingly eat that is a struggle.  Also…sides that aren’t pasta or gluten-filled in some way are also hard.  So, we’ll see how things work this weekend, if they’re good they’ll be up on the blog soon!

*Three day weekends are life.  I love that we have Monday off, it makes today seem like a second Saturday, which gives me reason to be happily lazy.  I really only need to do a couple of things this weekend anyway and those things don’t really involve too much labor, so I’m enjoying a pretty chill weekend for once.

*I started a new budgeting system for 2018 (as I mentioned one of my areas of focus was getting my finances under control this year) and for the first time in a long time, I actually feel really in control of my finances.  With my old school closing this past year, there was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of panic, and also a lot of impulse/feelings spending which all added up to a weird financial situation.  I’m always responsible enough that my bills are paid and handled as are important expenses, but a few decisions were made during this time that I may not have normally made.  So, my one credit card got a bit too high and planning a wedding and everything else kind of made things spiral a bit more than I would have liked.  Getting in control is high priority and I actually feel like I am.  I do plan on sharing most of it here in the next month or so, but if you’ve ever read anything from Dave Ramsey, it’s essentially his money theory but with a little change-up to fit my life and my needs.  I’ve even gotten Devon on board with doing it; which was not easy, but he’s enjoying the fruits of it, too.

*I think I mentioned this before, but I got a Yeti tumbler for Christmas and it has been the best thing to get me to drink water.  I don’t know why it’s so good at it, but this thing essentially lives on my person at all times, which means I actually drink water! And it doesn’t have to be flavored for me to drink it! Shocking, I know.  But seriously, I can fill this thing up (and I have the big 30 oz) like three times throughout the day and just keep drinking it.  It’s great!  Devon, the eternal water drinker, is so proud.

*If anyone has amazing Gluten free recipes or a resource for them, feel free to drop a comment or an email to me.  I’d love to get more ideas because while rice and potatoes are great sides, they are going to start getting boring after awhile.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend! 

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